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Norman against the USA

I have great respect for Brian Michael Bendis, mostly because of the incredible work he did in the Ultimate Spider-Man (the original series) and his revamp on the Avengers (talking about Disassembled and the New Avengers volume 1), but his resurrection of Norman Osborn as a major threat, though important as a conclusion to the whole Dark Reign and Siege arc stories, failed in execution, mostly because, in my opinion, lacked of original and creative concepts: putting together A.I.M, the Hand, Hydra and H.A.M.M.E.R in one banner, plus stiring all the ideas from Civil War aren't fresh and interesting concepts, capable of making this arc story sustenable of worthy to praise - there're good elements, especially Deodato's art, which's impeccable and very dynamic, also some good scenes like Wolverine single handed fighting Ragnarok, but I can't help the feeling that there're so many characters whose potentials weren't well used by Bendis, like Daredevil, Iron Fist and others, instead Bendis decided to focus on the same foundation: Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, some diversity would have been nice. I gotta admit that there's a good twist involving a character from the Dark Avengers, but mostly that was a bad idea, a recycled idea that haven't sold good at the first time. Bsically this is Norman's second chance to prove that he's wrong still, what is just a dull and sad development!! Real sad

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