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new avengers #22

Perfection in terms of drama, climax. I didn't think that they could top or match #21 but they did. Easily THE best comic book it now. Marvel or DC. We got to see the full range of emotions: shock, rage, helplessness, and acceptance. Truly magnificent!!!! I have a suggestion: have storm get back with BP, he needs a shoulder to lean on...... But truly a great read. Namor vs BP, wow!!!!....mindblowing....

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    Mercy 0

    Last issue was one of the biggest climaxes probably ever in comic books. Jonathan Hickman made the world's brightest minds of Marvel to kill off an entire planet in order to save ours. And if this is not enough for you to observe in this issue as an aftermath then you are lucky, Hickman finally delivers us the epic confrontation between two kings who have hated each other for a long time that want to kill each other. It's Namor vs. Black Panther.Last issue was pretty dramatic and the aftermath ...

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