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Last issue was one of the biggest climaxes probably ever in comic books. Jonathan Hickman made the world's brightest minds of Marvel to kill off an entire planet in order to save ours. And if this is not enough for you to observe in this issue as an aftermath then you are lucky, Hickman finally delivers us the epic confrontation between two kings who have hated each other for a long time that want to kill each other. It's Namor vs. Black Panther.

Last issue was pretty dramatic and the aftermath of Namor triggering the anti-matter death machine that the Illuminati created was intense. It is always interesting to watch heroes try to live with themselves being monsters for killing someone but things here are pretty different. They didn't just take out one single life but the lives of a whole planet,an alternate Earth which was inhabited by the same amount of people as our Earth. Seven billion lives taken away from a single push of Namor's hand. It does sound pretty bad but it does become worse when he and T'Challa finally confront themselves but I will talk about that in a second. Now I want to share my opinion with the whole aftermath thing. Hickman handled it pretty well,it is indeed a big decision the Illuminati needed to take but they saved us which us at least something for them to leave peacefully,they saved their families and close ones. But the big problem here is the fact that this is the group of the brightest minds on Earth,you have Tony Stark,Reed Richards,Black Bolt,Bruce Banner,T'Challa and etc. and if you look at their resume they have done some pretty impossible things through the years but can't seem to find a solution for this problem,it seems ridiculous right?

The confrontation between Black Panther and Namor was more than emotional and well done. Every single moment they changed words and blows it seemed like a giant emtional bomb is actually hitting you. You could see what exactly was driving both of these men to this moment,the breaking point when they just couldn't hold in themselves anymore and had to unleash all the anger and pain they had in their hearts. I was impressed of how well Hickman handled this moment but before it all started it seemed like when this team needed to be close and they should deal with everything happened together they got divided. Every single one of them actually accused Namor of doing all of this when they actually had to do it together. It does seem like a pretty big step to make to kill off so many people but you would think that Earth's best men have a better psychic than that.

The art style of Kev Walker was amazing as always and his work fit the book perfectly. Every single panel he did was brilliant and I loved it and I really want him to stay on this book. The clash between Namor and Blakc Panther was done perfectly and the only better artist that has been so far on the book was Mike Deodato Jr. It would be nice if those two can actually switch roles from time to time.

The issue was good. You can say that the last few issues were handled pretty well by Hickman and were really emotional. I would want to give this issue 3 stars because of the small plot holes like the fact that all of these men together cna't come up with a non lethal plan to stop the incursions and the small out of character moments but it was just so emotionally well done the battle and with the work of Kev Walker I just can't give such a low rating. I really can't wait to see what will happen next and what Hickman has in mind to do with these gentlemen and their job to save our world from the incursions.

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