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Is Dr. Voodoo incompetent?

The Story - Just in the mood for a new home party, the New Avengers are subtly disturbed by the appearence of Dr. Strange and Daimon Hellstorm, both dominated by a demon, and Luke Cage is possessed by an unknow enemy, who´s trying to steal the Eye of Agamotto. Then a huge fight takes place in the mansion, escalating to Central Park, where, after getting clear of the possessions, Dr. Strange, Hellstorm, Dr. Voodoo and The New Avengers watch a big, flaming rift in the sky being formed and also, probably,  the first casualty of the team.
The Dialogues - Man, say whatever you need to say about Bendis, love him or hate him, but you gotta admit that he has his moments, I´ve just laughed a lot in this issue, and I´ve selected a few of the best dialogues:
1) Logan to Ben: "Because you´re big and made of rocks";
2) Jessica to Peter: "Take the baby and go upstairs and keep her safe";
3) Ben Grimm: "I got it! I got it" (moments before being thrown by demon Cage off to Central Park);
4) Spider Man: "Why can´t we have anything nice?";
5) Carol Danvers to Demon Cage: "Man, you broke our new house already?"
6) Logan and Peter: "Did you kill them? No. You clawed them! Only a little. You only stabbed them a little?! I only popped a little bit of claw. Oh, I thought that meant it was cold outside. Where´s the baby? You´re supposed to be watching the baby. Baby´s asleep. I got the baby monitor" Hilarious!!!
7) Peter to Logan: "We need a doctor. If only we had one...oh yeah, you stabbed the doctor";
8) Logan, Peter and Dr. Strange: "You knew that severe physical trauma to the host body could...sss...cease a demonic possession. Oh. Uh. Sure. He didn´t know that. He stabbed you just to stab you. well, argh, either way".
The Art - Immonen´s pencils are awesome in this issue, so is the colours and the letters (I did really enjoyed those in the spells, I thought its very original). I´d liked the whole artistic production in this issue, from the splash inicial page, from the fight with Ms. Marvel and Luke Cage, as the characterizations of the heroes (emotions, faces, body movement, the action display), the exorcism made by Logan from the final confront in Central Park. It was very solid art.
The Bad - "I know what to do. I need your phone"???!!! WTF???? Is that the proof that Mockingbird is a totall uselless piece of heroine??? What did it done to improve the plot??? Why Bendis did that? Just to put the fight on Youtube?? Beats me!!! Also, did Voodoo really deserved the rampage from Hellstorm?? What was that he really done that caused Iron Fist and the Eye to vanish and the rift in the sky? Is Dr. Voodoo unfit as Master Supreme?? Hope to get some answers next issue.

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