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Who will be Possessed by the eye


The cover has great art and really shows the battle between Luke Cage and the rest of the New Avengers.


The issue starts out where this issue ended where Luke Cage is growing and is becoming possessed because of the eye. The thing is ready to throw some punches but Luke punches him out of the mansion. Jessica Jones asks Spidey to hold her baby because she wants to help her husband Luke. Jessica tries to punch Luke to get him back to his sense but it does not work. Wolverine is fighting with Doctor Strange and Hellstorm and stabs them. Spidey had the baby go to sleep and sees that Wolverine stabbed them. This stab gets them out of the trance. Jessica is trying to remind Luke whom he is and Luke is starting to get out of the trance but it does not work.   Iron Fist tries to help and does and Luke is healed but no Iron Fist is under possession. Iron Fist then vanishes.

Best Part

The best part of this issue was the action and that it was less confusing than the first issue. I also liked that Jessica Jones used her powers in this issue and did something because usually she is just holding her baby and doing nothing. Hopefully we see more of this Jessica.

Worst Part

The possessions were kind of confusing because you really did not know who was being possessed or not.   Also Vodoo was really not needed in this issue and he just popped out of nowhere.


The art is very good and the fighting scenes are drawn very well. It is better than the Avengers book but not better than the Secret Avengers. So, it is not great the art but good.

Pick It Up Or Not

Pick it up


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