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I Should Be More Excited For An Avengers Book 0

Plot & Action: I should just say all action because that's what this issue was as the New Avengers threw down with some sort of mystical threat. If you like the New Avengers joined up with some magicians to fight unnamed mystical threats then this is your book. Plot wise, not a whole lot happens. The mystical threat is unnamed, unharmed, and gains more of an upper hand. The action-heavy book will feel similar to readers who pick up "Avengers" #2. Character Work: Maybe it's just me, but I fee...

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The Story: With Cage's new team of heroes discussing superhero stuff and random evil stuff happening at the exact moment to where our poor heroes find themselves facing a supernatural threat as it tries to obtain the Eyeball of Agamotto. Our recycled team of heroes find themselves going against an evil force that they may not be powerful enough to take care of, which is Bendis.  The Good: It's hard to review this comic and try to find something good about it, it's really hard for me to find a po...

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This doesn't read like The Avengers..... 0

The truth is, this book, New Avengers, after two issues, I've worked it out. This doesn't read like an Avenger's book. However, given what it DOES read like, that's not necesarilly a bad thing. This book is The Defenders in Avengers camoflage, plain and simple, and when you look at it through that lens, it does it's job admirably, if unimpressively. The story is basic Dr. Strange boilerplate. Big, vaguely named evil (The He) wants the Eye of Agamotto, and if it gets it, then we're all dead. The ...

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Who will be Possessed by the eye 1

Cover The cover has great art and really shows the battle between Luke Cage and the rest of the New Avengers. Story The issue starts out where this issue ended where Luke Cage is growing and is becoming possessed because of the eye. The thing is ready to throw some punches but Luke punches him out of the mansion. Jessica Jones asks Spidey to hold her baby because she wants to help her husband Luke. Jessica tries to punch Luke to get him back to his sense but it does not work. Wolverine is fighti...

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Keep This Going! 0

Synopsis  The Avengers have to wrestle with demonic possessions to get the Eye of Agamato back. Lots of action in this book which requires teamwork from everybody to get the job done.  The Good  Hands down the artwork! Stuart Immonen has a Gabriel Hardman look to him and that's definitely a good thing. There is hyper detail on everyone and everything in the book. Everyone has realistic facial expressions and seems to be more like a photograph or a motion picture than drawings on a page. I don't ...

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Is Dr. Voodoo incompetent? 0

The Story - Just in the mood for a new home party, the New Avengers are subtly disturbed by the appearence of Dr. Strange and Daimon Hellstorm, both dominated by a demon, and Luke Cage is possessed by an unknow enemy, who´s trying to steal the Eye of Agamotto. Then a huge fight takes place in the mansion, escalating to Central Park, where, after getting clear of the possessions, Dr. Strange, Hellstorm, Dr. Voodoo and The New Avengers watch a big, flaming rift in the sky being formed and also, pr...

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New Avengers vol 2 Issue 2 0

End of the day, this is the Avengers book I really want. I know that's a weird way to start a review, but I just have to say that this book always seems to do so much right and I can't get enough of this group of essentially random characters saving the day. This is a book that shows you don't need to have the biggest names to be a great book, even if the team does include the likes of Spider-Man and Wolverine. When there is a foe no one hero can withstand alone, I hope for the New Avengers to s...

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"We forfeit everything" 0

Be sure to check out my review of The New Avengers #1. 100 Words Or LessThe battle for the Eye of Agamotto continues as Luke Cage is possessed and the demon spirit will stop at nothing to get what it wants for his master. The New Avengers do battle with one of their own in an attempt to save him, with help from Doctor Voodoo, Doctor Strange and Hellstrom. Who is after the Eye of Agamotto and what happens if they finally succeed in laying claim to it?  So Then I Said...Picking up right where t...

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New Avengers #2review 1

     I will start off by saying that this issue really surprised me. I totally picked up issue 2 & 3 on a whim on Labor Day, and had read bad reviews for issue one (Which I  have yet to read). I thought this issue was great from start to finish. I think Brian Michael Bendis takes a lot of heat, but here he really showcases his talent of mixing humour while still progressing his stories. My favourite parts included the opening Stuart Immonen splash page, the Wolverine/Spider-Man banter, an...

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