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please let Gage or Spencer write this series

The Avengers line has been so disappointing lately. All except Avengers Academy, which seems to exist in its only little pocket Avengers universe. If it were up to me, that book could go on forever. Gage really knows how to write a team book. Bendis on the other hand… something is lacking from his Avengers books. He used to be the guy at Marvel. If his name was on the cover, it was golden. Now though, he’s attempting a style in his writing, this half present day/half flashback with New Avengers, that fills the book up but lacks substance. After reading this issue, I felt like I was conned out of my time and money. Hardly anything really happened. Mockingbird was at the hospital… still. Hawkeye is pissed (again) and wants to go after the H.A.M.M.E.R. group that was responsible. Okay, we’ve seen that from him before. Consistent yea, but you need to develop some more or someone else. The flashback was pretty pointless, other than displaying the goofiness of Red Skull and Chaykin’s lack of artistic talent. Seriously, the Red Skull was the most feared guy back then? Okay, Fury says that was not the original Skull, but you would think a dupe would be just as fearful and intimidating. Nope, just shy of slapstick please. And on the whole Mockingbird issue, it will be pretty lame to have her die since she was just brought back and developed a good bit over in her own series. Leave it to Bendis though to nerf someone else’s plans and step on feet. I guess I’m getting on the Bendis hate wagon, but he’s not helping my decision.

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