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Bendis, What Are You Doing?


Deodato's art is beautiful, and I really like how Thing is drawn here.

The Good:

The portions with Deodato's art are visually stunning, and the storyline happening in the present is extremely interesting.  Besides this, there's not much else that's actually good that can be described about this issue.

The Bad:

The portions of art by Howard Chaykin are not awful, but they're not particularly appealing either.  Most of the faces look weird, and it's just not good.  The worst, however, comes from the writing.  Why is this "past" story here?  Why should I care?  Frankly, I thought a team with that roster would be interesting, and I have a feeling Bendis has more in store here than what he's obviously showing us, but at this point, it's greatly lacking essence.  In the long run, I'm afraid, it will be another poorly devised retcon to try to "tie" in the movie aspect of Fury creating the Avengers, which shouldn't ever make it into comics. To top things off, the ending panel makes me cringe and wonder where in the world Bendis is taking this (and this isn't a good thing!).  I tried to care last issue, and then it wasn't handled badly, but this "old" storyline and team are frankly boring me half to death.  


This is sadly the worst I have ever ranked an issue and I'm only giving it this because of the modern story and Deodato's art.  If that was missing, this would be one of the worst issues I have ever read.  It may or may not be Bendis' fault (and I hate to bash any artist or writer because they do work hard), but this issue here is an atrocity and it's greatly mishandled.  


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