New Avengers #1

    New Avengers » New Avengers #1 - Possession released by Marvel on August 1, 2010.

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    Find out who the New Avengers are, where they call home (gotta see it to believe it!), which Dark Avenger has joined their ranks, and just who the interdimensional demonic threat to our existence is! These heroes have gathered to take on the threats too dark, too dangerous, and too bizarre for any other team of heroes. The New Avengers are back!! And Bendis & Immonen are back with the Siege & Secret Invasion colorista Laura Martin!! You didn't really think Marvel was going to cancel their number one ongoing title did you? Heck no!! Backup feature: Another brand new oral history of the Avengers chapter by Bendis!

    In the aftermath of Siege, Luke Cage complains that he doesn't want to be apart of the world according to Steve Rodgers. So Steve talks to him about making his own team

    The newest New Avengers
    The newest New Avengers

    thinking it would be a better idea to have more than one team of Avengers, with Luke leading the other one. Luke agrees, and Iron Fist buys Avengers Mansion for $1 to be used as the New Avengers' base. Luke invites most of the members from the old New Avengers team as well as the Thing from the Fantastic Four.

    When Doctor Voodoo is attacked by a possessed Doctor Strange and Daimon Hellstrom, he teleports the Eye of Agamotto to safety with Luke Cage and the New Avengers.

    Just as the team is getting settled in, they are suddenly attacked by Strange and Hellstrom.


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    New Team, NEW AVENGERS 0

                Cover Love the cover everyone really looks good in the cover. Story Dr. Strange finds Hellstorm and says they have to go to Doctor Voodoo. All the Avengers are gathered around at Avengers Tower people like Luke Cage, Spider Woman, Tony Stark, and even some of the Young Avengers. Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers ask Luke Cage to be a New Avenger and he does not know because he does not want to feel controlled. Then Tony Stark comes up with a great plan and asks Luke for a dollar. Luke d...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    New Avengers vol 2 Issue 1 0

    Good ol' Bendis and Immonen. Either one of these names alone will get me into a new series (Such as any Avengers book or Nextwave) but when you put them together.. YOWZA! I mean, their run on Ultimate Spidey alone was tremendous, but then they reunited on New Avengers and now begin volume 2 together. And it's a beautiful start.  The issue starts with former Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange confronting Hellstorm and the two become engulfed in a mystical battle that will encompass the main threat ...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Truly Heroic 0

    This is truly the best issue of the Heroic Age so far to me and I think it´s going to be an ongoing hit. I´ve really liked the fact that Steve Rogers and Tony Stark made Luke Cage an offer to lead the New Avengers, in a way, it´s a compensation for all the underground work after the Registration Law and Civil War. An interesting thing is that I´m reading Avengers Volume 3 (Kurt Busiek and George Perez) and I´ve thought to myself: "Man, do I miss the Avengers Mansion" and bamm, Tony Stark sells t...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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