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New Comics received a makeover with issue #12, becoming New Adventure Comics, its symbolic cover featuring a fresh faced baby 1937 ushering out Father Time's past relics. While still stuffed with short humor strips, including, "Hard luck Harry," New Adventure Comics increasingly emphasised action in far away lands through such features as "Castaway Island" and "The Vikings." Rounding out issue 12 was another installment of "Federal Men" though readers could have been forgiven for puzzling over its bizzare sci-fi twist. Unapologetic Sci-fi fans Siegel and Shuster had shoehorned in a professor who explained the "future of scientific crime detection." This framing device gave the two a licence to delve deep into their favourite obsession, telling a tale set in the year 3000 that involved ray guns, rocket ships and star pirates. It also starred an "ace sleuth" named Jor-L (a name later to be re-cycled as that of Superman's father).

Featured Stories

  1. Do you know?
  2. Janey
  3. Goofo the Great
  4. The Vikings
  5. Don Coyote
  6. Captain Quick
  7. The Blood Pearls
  8. Worth-While Pictures to Watch For
  9. Rattlesnake Pete
  10. 17-20 On the Black
  11. Andy Handy
  12. Ebony
  13. Straight from Hollywood
  14. Ol' Oz Bopp
  15. The Charge of the Light Brigade
  16. Laughing at Life!
  17. Loopy
  18. She
  19. Castaway Island
  20. The Golden Dragon
  21. Maginnis of the Mounties
  22. Rock-Age Roy
  23. Jungle-Town
  24. Steve Conrad
  25. Cal 'n' Alec
  26. Sandor and the Lost Civilization
  27. A Tale of Two Cities
  28. Chikko Chakko
  29. Sam the Porter
  30. Hardluck Harry
  31. Federal Men
  32. It's A Dern Lie


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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