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Very little is known about the Neutron Bum, save that he was homeless and living in New York City.


The Neutron Bum was created byJames Fry III and Len Kaminski. He made his first appearance in Slapstick #3.

Major Story Arcs

The Fury of the Neutron Bum

In an abandoned storage facility somewhere under New York a power surge in a defective junction box interacts with the barrels of radioactive waste on which the bum is sitting. Somehow, the nameless hobo survives the explosion and makes his way up to street level. Once out on the street, he accosts a passing pedestrian, begging for fifty cents for a cup of coffee. Outraged by his victim's refusal, the Bum grabs the man by the shoulder, only to watch the rude man explode.

With his newfound power, the Neutron Bum begins to make his way through downtown Manhattan, demanding ever increasing amounts of money for a cup of coffee. He is opposed by many of Marvel's greatest heroes, including Ghost Rider, Daredevil, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the New Warriors. None could stop him, until the unlikely hero, Slapstick actually brought him a cup of coffee. While the Bum was enjoying the cup o' joe, Slapstick knocked him out with a giant mallet. Thus ended the reign of the Neutron Bum.

Powers and Abilities

The Neutron Bum could generate devastating nuclear explosions, to which he himself seemed to be largely immune.


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