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    A specially trained Cobra agent, who has specialized in neurological engineering.

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    Very little is recorded about the formative years of the Cobra agent known as Neurotoxin. From what Intel has been able to piece together, he was once a well-respected neurological engineer in the northernmost areas of South Africa. It is known that Neurotoxin was overseeing a vast number of genetic experiments sanctioned by countries that were not permitted to conduct said experiments on their own soil. These experiments have easily earned him a notorious spot in most wanted lists worldwide. 
    Neurotoxin is believed to have performed these services in exchange for much needed aide for many other war-torn African countries. Though his initial motivations may have indeed been quite noble, Neurotoxin became very intrigued with genetic manipulations, gene splicing and cloning. It soon became a passion for him, moving outside of the work he was hired to do, reprehensible as it was, and into work that could only be described as sheer mad science. When Neurotoxin realized that the relief aide he was promised in exchange for his work was not being delivered, he offered his testimony regarding the illegal operations that were taking place to the United Nations in exchange for clemency. 
    However, when he approached the U.N., reports of his activities had already come to light, and he was quickly blamed, charged and sentenced for all aspects of the experimentations. In prison, Neurotoxin viewed himself as a martyr. It was during this time, that he was approached by the late Dr. Mindbender, and offered a position within the science divisions of Cobra. Upon agreeing, Neurotoxin was broken out of prison, personally killing four guards and four prisoners during the escape. 
    It is believed that Neurotoxin quickly rose through several branches of Cobra's ranks, and was given a position of leadership within the desert warfare regiments of Cobra's troops. Repeated unsubstanciated reports of animal gene splicing persist, both for his own DNA and the soldiers in his care. Although these accusations seem far-fetched, after hearing accounts of what was found in his labs in South Africa, people tend to believe these accusations.    


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