Character » Neurotap appears in 7 issues.

    A mutant with ability to fire bio-energy from her eyes.

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    When Michelle Balters' powers first manifested themselves she severely injured her mother and caused the family to incur a lot of debt due to medical bills. Martin Henry Strong, the head of the villainous Strong Foundation took an interest in her because of this and offered to pay off her parents debt in return for Michelle's services. While working for the Strong Foundation, Michelle met and fell in love with Adam X (X-Treme).

    Michelle apparently retains her powers post M-Day because she is considered to be a "Potential Recruit" according to Civil War: Battle Damage Report.


    Neurotap possesses the ability to fire a bio-energy pulse from her eyes upon making eye contact with another person, scrambling their synaptic relays for a variety of potentially lethal effects.


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