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Valerie was born in San Jose, California and at a early age she showed aptitude for cybernetics. Valerie created her exo-suit Clemson University & after she earned a doctrine degree she moved to New York where she got a research & development job at Cyberoptics Inc. 

Mayor Story Arcs

Civil War

Valerie dub herself Network  she established herself as a local superhero. When the superhuman Registration Act  was past she joined  Anti-Registration Underground and tried to used her powers to contact Captain America, but was arrested before she could do so. 

The Initiative

Later when the Anti-Registration heroes were freed from the Negative Zone she took part in the final battle of the super hero Civil War. After Captain America surrender, she accepted S.H.I.E.L.D.'s offer of amnesty and joined the Initiative. 


Network create cybernetic armor gives her the ability to search across the Internet.  Also she able to send and store data with a single thought. Also the suit gives her ability to fly, 10 class strength & a limited amount of invulnerability.

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