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Neri is an Asgardian   and shares the same origin as the rest of the Asgardians 


Neri was created by  Stan Lee, Joe Sinnott and Robert Bernstein and debuted in  Journey Into Mystery #92. Neri does not exist in Norse Mythology. 

Character Evolution

Journey Into Mystery #92  was Neri's only Earth-616 appearance  

Major Story Arcs

Neri was one of the many people trying to enter Asgard but was stopped by Heimdall. Heimdall suspected that Neri could be Loki in disguise, however Neri pointed out that Loki is chained to a nearby rock unable to escape. Satisfied that she wasn't Loki, Heimdall allowed Neri to enter Asgard. 

Alternate Version

Neri appears in What If #47   where is indirectly responsible for releasing Loki. 

Other Media

Neri appears in the 1966 Thor Cartoon Episode 'Chained Evil'  
Neri from the Thor Cartoon
Neri from the Thor Cartoon

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