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    Nereus is the ruler of Xebel and one of its greatest warriors.

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    Nereus was created by Aquaman artist Paul Pelletier and writer Geoff Johns. He made his debut in Aquaman #19.

    Major Story Arcs

    Death of a King

    When Mera returned to Xebel after encountering the Dead King, Nereus assumed she had returned because she had successfully completed her mission to kill Aquaman and had returned to take her rightful place as Nereus' queen, already referring to her as his wife.

    Rise of the Seven Seas

    After the Dead King is defeated in Atlantis, Nereus finds Ocean Master who has been living on land and asks him to join him in finding the Seven Seas and ruling rhe world.

    Powers and abilities

    Nereus is an Atlantean from Xebel, which grants him a number of superhuman powers that follow:

    Superhuman Strength

    Like all normal Atlanteans, Nereus possesses a degree of super strength

    Superhuman Durability

    Like all normal Atlanteans, Nereus possesses a degree of superhuman durability (as shown in his brief fight with Mera)

    Underwater Adaptation

    Like all Atlanteans Nereus is able to normally function and move underwater, unfazed by the pressure, temperatures or lack of light.


    Nereus has the ability to control water (similar to Mera)

    Skilled Warrior

    Nereus is described as one of Xebel's greatest warriors.


    He is the leader of Xebel's colony.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Xebelian Spear

    He is seen carrying a Xebelian spear as a standard weapon.


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