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    Neptune Perkins can hold his breath for seven minutes, his skin is resistant to water, and his feet are webbed. His unusual origin and constant swimming have made Perkins unusually strong and he has the ability to communicate with some sea life.

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    A sea based member of the Young All-Stars. He gained his powers due to exposure to a strange alien material during his inception and fought in World War II.


    Neptune Perkins was created by Joe Kubert. His first appearance was in Flash Comics #66.


    WWII Origins & Young-All Stars

    Hero Within the Waves
    Hero Within the Waves

    Neptune Perkins is a human/dolphin hybrid, and received his powers from his conception before a magical energy source known as the Vril.

    The Vril was brought to Earth by an alien race known as the Dzyan, and was discovered in the 1800s by Neptune's grandfather, Arthur Gordon Pym. Pym used the the power of the Vril to control the remaining Dzyan and pillage ships on the high seas.

    Neptune's father, Ross, was the result of a short-lived marriage between Pym, who had taken the surname Perkins, and a wealthy woman that did not survive childbirth. Ross Perkins was raised by Pym until the age of ten, when he was sent back to the United States.

    In 1912 Pym sank the Titanic and took some of the ship's survivors and the wealth on board. One of those survivors would later become the mother of Neptune Perkins after marrying Ross.

    The couple hoped that by conceiving a child in the presence of the Vril, the child would grow to be a powerful force for good, and someday exact their vengeance on Pym.

    Perkins' first costume
    Perkins' first costume

    Upon his birth, Neptune's parents were told that their young son was a mutant with a sodium salt deficiency and webbed hands and feet. Neptune's sodium salt deficiency required him to remain in a salt bath to survive. Neptune spent most of his early life in the saltwater of the ocean, and became an excellent undersea diver and swimmer.

    Nazis murdered Neptune's parents in hopes of following him to his grandfather, but he was still unaware of the location, or even the existence, of Pym. Neptune lived a life of almost complete isolation from humans, and wrote a book about sea life.

    The Young All-Stars Unite!
    The Young All-Stars Unite!

    At the outset of American involvement in World War Two, Neptune and Johnny Quick were captured by a Japanese submarine off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. The submarine was there to destroy nearby oil fields, and had eliminated a United States Coast Guard cutter in the process. Firebrand, Liberty Belle and Starman rescued the captured heroes.

    The humans on board were killed in an explosion of the submarine in the battle. Miya Shimada, known by the name Tsunami, survived the blast and fought Neptune. She managed to overpower him and escaped the fight with her life. Neptune would later fall in love with Tsunami when they teamed up to aid the All-Star Squadron in the fight against Axis Amerika.

    Neptune fought alongside his grandfather and the Young All-Stars when Adolf Hitler attempted to take control of the Vril and the Dyzan. Pym died in the assault and the Dyzan returned home.

    After the War Years

    Atlantis Calls To Arms!
    Atlantis Calls To Arms!

    Neptune became a successful author after the war, when his studies of marine life were published. His love for Tsunami was returned and she bore a child named Debbie. Neptune believed Debbie to be his daughter, but a sorcerer from Atlantis named Atlan was her true biological father. After the end of his relationship with Miya, Neptune decided to move to a home on land.

    Years later, all the nations of the seas were called together by Aquaman to take on Rhombus. Neptune, Miya and Debbie, now known as Deep Blue, all answered the call. Rhombus claimed to be Debbie's father, but Miya did not clarify the child's true origin.

    Neptune would later become a successful politician, winning election as a United States Senator from Hawaii. He used this position to build a committee to oversee the activities of Young Justice. Neptune and Dan Dunbar formed a team of former sidekicks and called themselves "Old Justice".


    While defending the city of Sub Diego (a portion of San Diego that had been claimed by the sea) from the Secret Society of Super-Villains, Neptune was killed by the villains Shark and King Shark during the event known as Infinite Crisis. Up to the moment of his death, Neptune still believed Debbie to be his daughter.

    Powers and Abilities

    Neptune's mutation by the Vril grants him some water based abilities. He also possesses distinctive webbed hands and feet.

    Underwater Adaptation

    He can function normally underwater due to his water resistant skin (for a short period) and his hands and feet are webbed granting him enhanced mobility.

    Superhuman Swimming Speed / Leap

    He can swim faster than any existing ship at the time (1940s), even PT-Boats, which means around 50 mph. He can swim upwards a tsunami and is a faster swimmer than even super fast metahuman Iron Munro. He said he met his match when he met the also super fast swimmer Tsunami.

    He can also leap from the water much higher than any human. He can leap directly on a boat and higher than a tsunami or a hurricane.

    Enhanced Durability

    Neptune Perkins has some degree of enhanced durability. His skin is water resistant, he can survive the temperatures of the Arctic, some energy attacks (such as being tortured by an energy beam and electrocuted by Mekanique) and trading hits with super strong characters such as Tsunami and the armored Kamikaze.

    Enhanced Stamina

    He has enhanced stamina to the point of being able to swim from New York to the Arctic. He can also withstand torture without fainting. He was also quite long lived but in excellent condition and an active hero.

    Enhanced Strength

    Neptune Perkins has some degree of enhanced strength. He can rip apart a metal net, break the super strong Tsunami's grip, beat thirty three army soldiers and sailors on his own or rip apart a secured door in an alien ship.

    Enhanced Senses / Sonar

    He can see underwater without trouble and he can also sense water anywhere within a mile of where he is. He can also detect vibrations underwater and locate their origin similar to a dolphin.

    Animal Control

    He can communicate with dolphins and whales and have them help him, even in groups.He does so through vocal commands.

    Experienced Fighter

    He is a member of the Young All Stars, sponsored by the All Star Squadron heroes and has experience fighting in the WWII. He was able to defeat on his own multiple MP officers and even a member of the Black Order, the elite troopers of the Third Reich.

    He has also fought against metahumans Tsunami and Sea Wolf where he used his speed with great effect in battle.


    Neptune Perkins is an accomplished author, specialized in marine studies and a US Senator.

    Weaponry & Equipment

    Special Storing Suit

    Neptune Perkins wears a characteristic red suit with matching boots and gloves and a yellow trident emblem on his chest. It was designed by his mentally evolved grandfather and can store enough salt (for Neptune Perkins) for 24 hours.


    Sodium Deficiency

    As a result of his mutation Neptune Perkins must constantly gain salts. Earlier in his life he spent most of his time in contact with salt water, but after he gained his special suit he could move freely for 24 hours.

    Limited Underwater Duration

    Neptune Perkins can hold his breath for extended periods of time, but cannot actually breathe underwater.


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