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    Nephilim is a peace-loving, gentle giant. But trouble follows him everywhere, and as a result of his alarming appearance he is unloved and unaccepted by humanity. No matter Nephilim’s heroic actions, his intent is generally misconstrued.

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    Nephilim is the personification of ancient Hebrew lore, a construct born of ancient beliefs that manifested as a creature in what was once the city of Babylon. Trained as a warrior, Nephilim railed against his cruel captors and strove to live a life of peace. But wherever he went, he was attacked and reviled. In his earliest incarnation, Nephilim saved ancient Cairo from the dreaded Homunculus. Nephilim in modern age is a superhero and has served alongside and affiliated with groups such as First Force alongside Warrior Woman, Meridian, Silver Man and Projector and Second Force alongside Sable, Dragonfly, Omni-Engine, Meridian and Warrior Woman. Nephilim's enemies are Homunculus and Mister Macabre.

    Nephilim is a gentle and kind creature but his appearance often create problems as many people can mistaken him for a monster. Nephilim was especially protective and kind towards the super hero Electronika, even once picking flowers for her.


    Nephilim is a Boom! Studios published character that first appears in the 2012 series Deathmatch, appearing in its debut issue Deathmatch #1. Nephilim is designed and created by writer Paul Jenkins and artists Carlos Magno and Michael Garland, writers and artists of the series. Nephilim bears some resemblance to Marvel comics The Hulk, most likely by intent, both are misunderstood gentle giants, both have incredible strength, and both are often vilified for their appearance.

    Character Evolution

    Nephilim acts in a supporting role in Boom! Studios Deathmatch, fulfilling the role of a strong man, and gentle giant. The characters heart is demonstrated to be as strong as his physical strength.

    Major Story Arcs


    Nephilim is one of the many superheroes locked and contained in a mysterious superstructure. None of the heroes recall or understand how they got there, where they are, who controls the powerful light guards who keep them there or why they are there, save for the knowledge they are being forced to fight each other one on one to the death. Nephilim is eventually pitted in a death match with the intelligent and powerful energy superhero Electronika. The two heroes have a history and bond, often fighting together and both considering the other as a friend. A superhero witnessing the soon to be confrontation even skeptical about whether Electronika would harm Nephilim as they had served side by side in battle and that she loved him. The battle would begin with Electronika blasting Nephilim with charged electricity which seems to harm the gentle giant. Despite shocking Nephilim over and over he won't fall. The super strong creature manages to finally land a hit on the smaller and nimble Electronika then devastates her with his powerful physical attacks. As she pleads beaten, he utters the words "we have no choice" as he delivers a devastating punch killing her. The fellow superheroes witnessing the death match are shocked and stunned.


    Nephilim falls into a depression after the events of his death match where he was forced to kill Electronika, a woman he loved. He would become catatonic and lethargic. Many other death matches would come and go, however in the death match between Sable and Professor Hieronymus Higgens, the Professor would hack the structure giving him limited control over the facility they were in. Not only did this give him an advantage over Sable, it allowed him to power down the complex, shutting off its power, disabling the light guards, and removing the power neutralizers. Nephilim would get targeted by the sadistic and cruel Melody Toon, who aside from her dangerous personality, possesses dangerous levels of power as well, levitating Nephilim and toying with him. Mink and Sol Invictus would arrive to help Nephilim, but Melody would throw him violently against a wall breaking it. Sol Invictus and Mink would threaten Melody to be silent, her powers vocal based, but Melody would send the two heroes flying as well. This brief moment would allow Nephilim to recover and he would smack Melody violently after seeing her hurt Mink and Sol Invictus. The three heroes would try to fight against Melody but the power would be turned back on and the light guards and power neutralizers would quickly reassert order.

    Deathmatch Against Melody Toons

    In Nephilim's second death match he would be pitted against the siren of seduction Melody Toon's. Much like there first encounter Melody would take the upper hand, neutralizing Nephilim's massive strength and using her power against him. Nephilim is also still vulnerable after killing Electronika with his own hands and this haunts him. Melody assaults him continuously with powerful sonic attacks, unrelenting and with a sadistic glee. Nephilim would eventually fall to her attacks and fall to his death in a massive explosion.

    Powers and Abilities

    Nephilim is the strongest creature in existence, with strength perhaps rivaling that of Meridian himself. His strength increases in direct proportion to the fear he creates in others. So against an opponent who fears him, Nephilim cannot be defeated. Nephilim had super durability able to withstand powerful electric attacks.


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