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Neos was the first technodroid born in natural way by a human woman, the technopath July Frayn, whose blood contained nanoids. He was born in 2100 of the new datation system, in a clinic outside East City,  just as Aristotle Skotos was laying siege to the clinic to  take possession of the infant. He  grew under the supervision of scientists and soon began to show extraordinary powers and a strong leadership. He could connect with any type of computer or electronic device , being able to learn without any effort .   
Believing to be superior to mankind , he decided to rule them trying to escape from the laboratory and finding  that he  could absorbe and  incorporate into his body the weapons of humans . Not still able to manage his  full powers, he was captured and transferred along with other technodroids  on a space satellite in the orbit of Mars, 
Neos succeeded in conquering the space station and became the leader of his race. He then  sent another technodroid, called  Lucifero, on earth , to organize their siblings. 

Main Story Arcs

The events involving Neos are narrated mainly in the Doppio futuro trilogy. 
During the war with the humans, one of the generals of the technodroid army, Selena, was infected with antinanoids, particles able to disrupt the network that connects all the technodroids in a single collective mind, and so limiting their power. Selena was sent on the technodroid base, but she was imprisoned and kept in isolation.   
When Nemo leads an expedition on the Station to find Ann, her "daughter" who has been infected by the technodroids, Selena manages to escape from the force field that kept it imprisoned, and connects herself to the network. 
Defeated, Neos pushes his base toward the planet Jupiter, and the resulting explosion transforms Jupiter in a new sun,  thus making some of its moons suitable for life.  While Neos has probably perished in the explosion, the surviving technodroids can now live there, but they have lost, because of the antinanoids, the power to connect themselves to the collective network.

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