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Neopolis was created shortly after World War II to house the ever expanding population of science beings. The city as designed by Nazi super scientist ,recruited from the fallen Nazi reign, to house all science beings, whether they be hero, heroine, villain, sentient robot, alien etc.. Initially crime rates were high in the city and because of the large concentration of super powered beings in one area the city couldn't be police using normal methods so it is policed by the tenth precinct (the tenth referring to the world being parallel ten, the other precincts are housed in other parallel realities) of a special multi world police force head quartered on Grand Central, a world were the Roman empire never fell. After the introduction of the new police force crime rates fell and are now no higher than a normal a city. In the modern day the police force, known affectionately as top 10, are held in high regard and are treated like celebrities.


The robot population, who prefer to be known as Ferro-American, were and are discriminated against and treated like second class citizens, most of the robot population live in ghettoes. Despite the discrimination against Ferro-American the population of the city is extremely tolerant of peoples religious beliefs. Because of the extreme verity of people, robots and aliens in the city it is extremely diverse in its art, culture and architect.


When the government found the daunting challenge of designing a city to house science-beings before them, they recruited various Nazi mad scientists for the task. These "reformed" science-villains had been granted amnesty so that the government could utilize their engineering and scientific prowess for just such situations. Much of Neopolis's unique architecture is their work.

The city is composed of multiple tiers, like a wedding cake, rising several levels in the sky. The Neopolis population being an eclectic mix of mystic beings, advanced scientists, non-human sentient and more, the individual buildings are dizzying in their variety and diversity, mystic temples rubbing roofs with sci-fi towers and alien architectures.

Significant places

Transworld Station: Very similar to an are port but mainly transports people to alternate realities and other worlds.

Neopolis Tenth Precinct: Headquarters of Neopolis's branch of the multi world police.

Tin Town: The main Robot ghetto

Neopolis Museum of Modern History: Originally the institute of science, where the "reformed" Nazi scientist work, was changed into a museum once they were finished. But because the museum mainly focused on the builders of the city, and no one like Nazis, the museum fell into disrepair.


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