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    The Neo are a subspecies of mutants.

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    Brief History

    One of Earth's races, apparently a very ancient one. The Neo are super-powered individuals, like mutants, but they appear to be much more powerful. This is seen in the way that they call mutants "spikes," as if they didn't even register on the Neo's power scales. Domina leads one warclan of the Neo, and it was she who declared war on the humans after the High Evolutionary's satellite system stripped the Neo (along with all mutants) of their powers. Many Neo died during the time they were powerless, and so their anger at the humans runs deep. There are other sub-groups of the Neo, like the Shockwave Riders, who have psionic powers and ride anti-grav skimmers, and the Lost Souls, who psychically trap souls near death and cause them to despair forever. Both these groups persisted as legends among mutants even to Cable's time, where it's said even Apocalypse respected them, a testament to their power. The Neo engaged in fighting the X-Men, who have no intention of letting them destroy the world. It was the Neo who sabotaged the High Evolutionary's space station, who destroyed 17 of Mister Sinister's bases, and who hunted down the mutants hidden by Charles Xavier in NYC. They are all top-notch fighters, and can withstand a lot of punishment before going down. They are also quite technologically advanced. 

    Cecilia Reyes is one of the people unfortunate enough to be targeted by this group of hunter-mutants. She receives some help from Nightcrawler who is in turn wounded when escaping. While still struggling to regain control over her powers she is attacked by the Warclan's leader, Jaeger. She accidentally creates a spiked bubble inside the stomach of her opponent, which kills him. Domina, Jaeger's husband, steps up to the task as new leader and continues the hunt. The X-Men find themselves involved shortly after this and one of the Neo uses his geokinesis to trap half the team, Cecilia, a criminal named Delgado and the officer hunting him, inside the building. There she starts abusing the drug called Rave, which enhances her powers and allows her to fend off the attacks for a short while. Meanwhile Delgado encounters one of the younger Neo who morphs him into some kind of monstrous entity. Archangel is encountered by one of the other younger Neo and is able to convince her that the X-Men are not their enemies. In the meanwhile the X-Men and Neo are battling it out not far away. Things are looking bleak for the X-Men until Wolverine appears to their aid. While the two teams seems to have reached something of a stalemate the younger Neo, Elysia, appears and convinces Domina not to continue fighting. After this, the Neo are approached by the master of magnetism himself.

    The Neo of Domina's warclan were attacked by Magneto , who demanded that they join him in war against the humans, and stop the internecine warfare between themselves and other mutants. They refused, and Magneto slaughtered most of them in a few seconds, buying Domina's obedience as a result. Domina and her Warclan have not been seen since the attack on Genosha and it is presently unknown if any of them survived. It has been shown in Young X-Men-12 that  the Neo are still alive and are seen attacking the city. 

    Another tribe tried to infiltrate Utopia in search for answers as to why many of the members of their species had lost their powers and no new births had occurred.  Before Cyclops could explain these events, a group of supreme beings called the Evolutionaries intervened and caused the global extinction of the entire subspecies based on the premise that the Neo had ceased to evolve and thereby posed as a threat to Homo superior.  


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