Character » Nenora appears in 23 issues.

    Nenora is a Skrull disguised as a Kree. She betrayed her kind when she gained control of the Kree Empire.

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    After the Skrulls lost their shape-shifting abilities from the genetics bomb the Skrulls were stuck in the form they were in at the time. Nenora was stuck in the form of a blue skinned Kree.

    Nenora is a Skrull spy for the self-proclaimed Emperor Kylor who has gained the trust of the Kree Empire including the Supreme Intelligence. She is appointed as the moment-to-moment coordinator for the Kree counterattack against the Skrulls in the Second Kree-Skrull War. Her infiltration is so complete that after learning of a spy in their midst, Supreme Intelligence was unable to determine that she was the spy and blamed it on another.

    After the Silver Surfer took the Soul Gem from the Supreme Intelligence he lost his mind. Nenora took control of the Kree Empire. Instead of giving control over to Kylor or another rival faction of the Skrull Empire she decided it would be in her best interest to remain a Kree and keep the empire for herself. She then betrayed Kylor and his fleet was destroyed, leaving her the only one to know she was really a Skrull.

    She ruled the Empire much like the Supreme Intelligence would. She led armadas into battle connecting her nerves to bio-circuits, connected to all information. She totally destroyed the Skrull fleets.

    When Silver Surfer and Empress S'byll of the Skrull Empire attacked Hala, S'byll gave her Skrull powers back to her and she passed out, having lost the war. S'byll told the Kree that their leader was a Skrull and offered a peace.


    Nenora was romantically involved with the Skrull Aptak. After they were stuck in their forms, Aptak was stuck as a female from Waziliah. Nenora poisoned him when she gained control of the Kree Empire.

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