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Nemi is the starring and title character in a series of cartoons, newspaper strips, comics and books.


Born out of the mind of Lise Myhre, In 1997, when according to certain newspapers, there were only three official goths in Norway, Myhre did not expect the her character to experience the popularity and attention she received. Nemi's creation owing to Myhre's love and appreciation of fairy tales, magic, stories, movies and music, Nemi takes on a persona of an adult who almost wishes that she could stay a child forever, rather than face the horrible prospect of becoming an adult. Nemi is also representative in part, of an imaginary friend, according to Myhre, on her inspiration for Nemi "I guess I set out to find an imaginary friend, its important that we have things in common and that I like her, considering how many days we spend together" and even Nemi's surname, Montoya, owes influence from the character of Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride. A favorite movie of Myhre's.

Character Evolution

Nemi Montoya is clad in black, possesses a tough and sassy exterior, with an appreciation for alternative music, an addiction to chocolate and a somewhat childlike fascination and curiosity with the world around her.


Nemi is considered a goth, an arena that Myhre has experience with and has drawn on from experience to create situations for Nemi. If there was to ever be a movie of Nemi, Lise Myhre would like Jessica Rabbit to portray and star as Nemi.

With a tendency to always wear black, against her very pale skin, along with her straight, jet black hair, Nemi looks like your stereotypical goth. She is loud and outspoken, and although she can be very cynical, especially when it comes to society, adults, bimbo's, pop stars and typically inane social normality, it is as accurate to describe her quite sensitive, hopeful, innocent and with a childlike wonder and creative imagination. in many ways, Nemi is an outsider, but would seem to prefer it that way. She has an unhealthy addiction to chocolate, is quite messy, enjoys social drinking, is kind to animals, and children, with the latter, Nemi usually finds her interactions favorable. No doubt because of her own youthful zest she exhibits, and her tendency to treat kids as peers or more so, how she wished she was treated at the same age. Often though, her lack of kid gloves means that children around her can be introduced to information their parents would probably wish them to have not received.

Music is an important area in Nemi's life, she is a fan of metal, and alternative groups or acts, she is quite fond of Alice Cooper, Laibach, Opeth, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Metallica, Darkthrone, Slayer, Red Harvest, Nicole Blackman, Lamented Souls, Warrior Soul, and Dimmu Borgir (coincidentally Nemi's creator Lise Myhre is married to Dimmu Borgir's former lead frontman)

As much as she loves the above acts, Nemi hates to the polar opposite degree, commercialized pop music. To such an extent she is offended when even people she doesn't know, express a fondness for that particular styling of music. Nemi has also gotten into trouble at jobs she has worked at, due to her strong feelings on the matter. Nemi idolizes W.A.S.P, J. R. R. Tolkien, Alice Cooper, Edgar Allan Poe, Batman, H. P. Lovecraft and Darth Vader.

Nemi's imagination
Nemi's imagination

Nemi can get bored very easily, and can look for and get into trouble. She also demonstrates much creativity, and she is loyal and protective of her friends, particularly Cyan. Nemi has a casual attitude towards sex, and depending on her mood, can be extremely picky (only Johnny Depp dressed as Captain Sparrow all time time will do) or almost the complete opposite, leading to several awkward morning scenes with less than desirable partners. That is if she wakes in the morning, since Nemi often struggles to wake up before noon. Nemi's favorite Holiday is Halloween, and her favorite season is Autumn.

Nemi often day dreams or has dreams, the nature of both usually being fantastical, whimsical, and can feature trolls, dragons, and occasionally Alice Cooper. Also of importance, Nemi has a healthy appreciation of comic books and comic characters, and has imagined herself as various heroes, Spider-man, Superman, Wolverine and the Punisher,. Usually however in the guise of above characters, she has used their abilities in the pursuit of food she loves, rather than doing good.

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