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    The most intelligent man in the world as well as the only super villian, Nemesis has one simple goal; Make the lives of the best cops a hellish nightmare.

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    In response to Officer Blake Morrow imprisoning his parents for a hunting game involving runaway teenagers and their rich friends, and therefore robbing young Matthew Anderson of a normal childhood, Nemesis' ultimate goal is to destroy now Police Chief Morrow and everything he holds dear. All of the other cops he has terrorized have just been practice up until this point.


    This character was created by Mark Millar. Millar was going for a cross between Batman and Batman's mortal enemy, the Joker.

    Character Evolution

    Nemesis started like a normal child, til his parents were wrongly imprisoned by Officer Blake Morrow.Then he went into a life of crime, where he went up through the "ranks", from gang lord to drug exporter, until he was finally ready to face down Blake Morrow. He dies in the end

    Major Story Arcs

    Bored under the care of his uncle and the inheritor of a billion dollar electronics company, Anderson ran away and traveled the globe to learn the ways of crime. By age 12, he was a gang lord, by 15, Asia's largest drug exporter, after heading up a Zoroastrian death-cult at the age of 23, he felt he was ready to start his mother's dying wish, before she was sent to the electric chair, of "destroying that clever police officer." He is quite intelligent, always seeming to know what's going to happen next and keeps a step ahead of everyone.

    After a time in Tokyo commiting various acts of terrorism culminating in the murder of its police chief Nemesis turns his attention to Washington DC and its famed Chief of Police Blake Morrow. His first deed is the hijacking of Air Force One which he crashes into the city. Via a hijacked television signal Nemesis openly declares his intentions toward Washington and reveals he has the President. Following this he poisons those within the Pentagon (Chief Blake and his assistant Sergeant Lee were present but had unknowlingly been administered antidotes) and reveals the veritable treasure trove of secrets containted within on the Internet. Striking back at Nemesis Chief Blake sets a trap involving a child and her heart transplant. Nemesis is captured but mockingly tells the Chief he planned ahead for this and escapes at the prison, killing ninety seven guards and releasing two thousand inmates into the city. Chief Blake discovers his son and daughter are missing following this. In exchange for their lives Nemesis demands the Chief reveal three secrets; firstly, his wife Peggy had an affair with his former partner. Secondly, his son is gay. Thirdly, his daughter got pregnant and had an abortion. These three things reveal that Blake is a driven career man and placed greater emphasis on that side of his life, neglecting his family. Satisfied Nemesis releases Blake's children unharmed. However, Blake's daughter is now pregnant by her brother via fertilization of her eggs. As an added torture Nemesis ensures that if she has an abortion she would be unable to bear children.

    Through an undercover cop implanted in the low levels of Nemesis' organisation Blake leads a raid at the home of Matthew Anderson who it is hinted was masquerading as his uncle. The mansion is rigged for explosion however and much of the SWAT team is killed. Blake is captured and Nemesis reveals Sergeant Lee has been working with the villain the whole time whilst also dropping the bombshell that he is not Matthew Anderson and that vengeance for his parents and destroyed childhood nothing but a ruse. His whole backstory and motivation was nothing but a character he adopted to better destroy Chief Blake. Nemesis plans years in advance, planting moles and agents throughout the lives and organisations of his targeted police chiefs. After killing Sergeant Lee Nemesis unveils his grand finale; they are in the Oval Office of the Whitehouse and Blake's wife and the President are both rigged with explosives. Nemesis gives Blake a choice; kill his wife or the President. Blake is torn between the two but the President makes the choice for him, standing as close as possible to Nemesis before telling Blake to hit the button. Blake and Nemesis fight on the lawn of the White House, seemingly killing each other. However the Chief survives his injuries whilst Nemesis, despite claiming to be too rich to fail, does not. Blake devotes his time to his family, his ordeal revealing to him what was really important.

    In something of an epilogue it is revealed in a card addressed to Blake that a mysterious gentleman runs a business catering to the dark fantasies of the bored and wealthy, giving them adventure for a few short weeks every year with artists and engineers working to create super-villanious characters for them to play. Whilst presently focused primarily in the Pacific Rim a steadily growing client list is set to expand into the West. The letter tells Blake he is safe from next years super villains and commends his for defeating Nemesis, even showing admiration for his choices between family and career. Remarkably Blake and his wife are given a bottle of the most expensive wine in the world which has been waiting for them for ten years, along with the letter.

    Nemesis may have been stopped but other super-villains are surely set to rise.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Nemesis has no known powers. He beats his foes with prep,skill and pure determination.

    Beating the riot cops in H2H
    Beating the riot cops in H2H

    Skill: Nemesis has shown enough Hand to Hand skill to use pressure points and to beat 97 Armored up Riot prison guards with little difficulty.

    Intellect: He has also shown, that he is smart enough where everything is planned. Nemesis isn't the only "Nemesis" though, and had help with everything, but its still impressive for the Agency to have predicted years upon years in advance.

    Endurance: Throughout the comic, Nemesis displays multiple counts of Superhuman endurance. After doing a police chase, swimming for a couple hundred feet, getting beat up by police officers, taking on 97 guards in H2H, he was completely fine and had no signs of fatigue.


    Nemesis throughout the series used multiple pieces of gear.

    Lightsaber Flashlight
    Lightsaber Flashlight
    • A Pistol
    • An assault rifle
    • A flashlight with the capability of turning into a mini Lightsaber type object that can cut through metal.
    • C4
    • His Suit, The mask in his suit was said to kill him instantly and blow his face off if he took it off. This was used to keep cops from revealing his face when he knew they couldn't kill him.
    • A Rebreather that allowed him to breathe underwater
    • His car, that was bulletproof to automatic fire. It was capable of splitting in two and turning into a motorcycle once he crashed it.
    • A Rocket Launcher (Which he used to shoot a helicopter out of the sky), Most likely was apart of his motorcycle.

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