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    A warrior belonging to Khera's Adrastean caste, Nemesis is Zealot's former student and Majestic's former lover. She wields two blades, forged from shards of the Creation Engine, that can slice through anything.

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    Nemesis was born Charis, a member of the Adrastea. They are like the normal Kherubim but they all have psychic powers (many, like Charis, are empaths). The group was originally a slave caste but became a powerful underground criminal organization. Charis' first chronological appearance was when she met Mr. Majestic on Khera. At the time, she was trying to steal his weapon so she could sell it later. After he caught her, they soon became friends and lovers, and Majestic was able to get her Coda training, something an Adrastean like Charis was normally not allowed. In fact, the prejudice against Adrastean's was so great, that her training was especially brutal, with her Coda "sisters" trying to kill her at every opportunity (in addition to the normal full-combat training sessions), putting far more opponents against her than was standard and stacking everything against her. Unfortunately her Adrastean heritage affected her relationship as well. Majestic being with her was frowned upon so they had to stay together in secret. However, their secret wasn't as well hidden as they thought. Kheran politicians, trying to make peace for their planet, chose Majestic to sleep with Zealot, an act that would unite the two most powerful factions on the planet, the Pantheon and the Coda. Majestic felt it was his duty as a Kherubim to do what he was asked of him for the sake of Khera, but the politicians would have blackmailed him by threatening to tell others about Charis if he didn't. Because of his "duty" Majestic and Charis separated, though they still loved each other. They ended up on Earth together though when their ship crashed on the planet. Charis was part of the Coda but was betrayed by another faction (led by her new man Raven), the Brotherhood of the Blade. The Brotherhood had joined with some rogue Daemonites in a plan to overthrow both their people. The first step of this plan was to kill the Coda and frame Charis. They did, leaving only Charis (and Zealot, who had left before the attack) alive among the original Coda. After this, both Zealot and Majestic swore to hunt down Charis (now Nemesis), not knowing that she had also sworn to avenge her sisters. The whole betrayal had taken place in Ancient Greece, and Nemesis hadn't been seen since. It wasn't until 2005 that she showed up again.

    Majestic, Zealot, and the other Wildcats with them, found Nemesis in the middle of killing some Brotherhood assassins, though the Wildcats didn't know that was who they were. She had been hunting and killing Brotherhood members since the betrayal in Greece. After she had killed them, the 'Cats tried to stop her from kidnapping a child that was with the men, but Nemesis made short work of the team. She even managed to cut Majestic with a sword (the blade of the sword was made from the metal of a machine that was created to destroy the universe and could cut through anything). She escaped with the child (named Kara) but Majestic and the team eventually found her.

    Before the Wildcats could arrive tough, Daemonites found Charis and Kara and managed to take them by surprise, but she was able to hold her own until Majestic arrived looking to take Kara back and to kill Charis. After surrounding herself and Kara with a forcefield, Charis blew up the building, with Daemonites and Majestic caught in the explosion. Majestic survived though and used his former relationship with Nemesis to take her down.

    Majestros took both of them to a Halo Corporation building in New York City. While there, Charis revealed the truth behind her “betrayal” and also explained what was going on with the girl. The Brotherhood (and their Daemonite allies) had been mutating humanity (by polluting water all over the world) since they had betrayed the Coda and their people in Ancient Greece. The girl was created as an activator to trigger the mutations so Nemesis was keeping her safe so the Brotherhood couldn't use her to control humanity. Majestic and Zealot accepted her story (after some tests of their own), but before Nemesis could be released, a Brotherhood spacecraft (a Bladeship) emerged from a bleed portal and fired hundreds of projectiles into the Halo building with the Wildcats (and Nemesis) inside.

    The projectiles were Scimitars, Brotherhood/Shaper hybrids, living weapons born and bred to kill. Majestros saved Nemesis at the last minute from being cut in half by a Scimitar. While Majestic was fighting some of the Scimitars, Kara was kidnapped and the Bladeship attacked. After the Brotherhood ship bombarded the building with plasma canons, Charis was the last one standing, thanks to her force field. Following the Scimitar that had captured Kara onto the ship, she came face to face with Raven, the leader of the Brotherhood. She was too late to stop him from activating the girl, and the resulting blast knocked her off the flying ship and to the ground.

    When she awoke, she was with Majestic, Zealot, Grifter and Savant. It was then that

    Majestic and Zealot called a truce with Nemesis and offered her the chance to finally avenge her slain sisters of the Coda. Majestic, Nemesis and the Wildcats battled the human mutates in New York City, while other Wildstorm teams fought mutates all over America.

    Savant located the Brotherhood's battleship in space, and teleported all the Wildcats (except Majestic) using the Halo teleportation system. On board they found that Raven had the entire population of New Jersey frozen in status pods as hostages. He was ready to kill them if the Wildcats didn't surrender. Nemesis, being a Coda warrior, was unable to surrender, and threw out some special grenades, taking out the Brotherhood and buying time for her to send the hostages back to Earth and set the ship to self-destruct. Nemesis was able to locate Kara and free her, but she was attacked by a Daemonite and was about to be shot. Grifter, deeply in lust with Nemesis, took the hit for her. Savant tried to teleport the team back, but there weren't enough beacons to get them all back, so Nemesis gave hers to Kara. She also gave Grifter a goodbye kiss and told Zealot to tell Majestros that had she not sacrificed herself, she would have showed him what he had been missing for the past three millenia.

    After the Wildcats were gone, Charis faced off against Raven. Raven also had a blade forged from the material that allowed Charis' blade to cut through anything, so when they fought, it was especially dangerous. They fought and Nemesis won, but in killing Raven, she had damaged the ship and she was sucked out into open space. It was then that Majestic returned, saving her from certain death since the forcefields she had activated when she was sucked out, were losing power. Back at the Halo Corporation building in New York City, Majestros asked Charis to stay with him and be with him as well as join the Wildcats. She turned him down, and after one last kiss went on her way to more adventures. Nemesis, now armed with two indestructible blades was on her own once again.


    Charis was one of the last heroes Void sent to the future in hopes of changing it. When she arrived she was appalled with the devastation she saw. Since the HALO building appeared to be the only structure still standing, she started to head towards it. On her way Charis was attacked by flesh-eating mutants, but was saved by Zealot and Grifter. The team scolded the mutants and directed them East. The two Cats began to explain what had caused all this destruction. It turns out that it was caused by an outbreak of superhumans who released an enormous energy wave destroying many cities. The team continued to the HALO building and when they arrived it was being attacked by Mr. Majestic! Mr. Majestic has apparently plagued the remaining Cats for awhile because he believes he's saving the world. He attempts to coax Charis into joining but she responds with her swords. Mr. Majestic, in a fit of rage, nearly kills Charis, but she is saved by Backlash, daughter of the former. Backlash tells her something she believes is vital to changing the future and just as she finished Void comes back and takes Charis back to the present.


    Being a Kherubim, Nemesis has superhuman strength, speed and durability as well as an extraordinarily long life. As an Adrastean, she has psychic powers, the strongest of these being empathy, allowing her to sense others by sensing their feelings, as well as learn their past and secret desires among other things. Charis was trained as a Coda so she is a spectacular fighter in both armed and unarmed combat. Thanks to her hard training at the hands of Zealot and the other Coda, she may be the best warrior the Coda has ever produced. When fighting, Charis wields two blades that can cut through any material in the universe. She also wears a special stealth suit that lets her create forcefields and has grenades that can kill enemies based on genetic characteristics.


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