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    Nemedia is a land in "Conan the Barbarian".

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    Nemedia is the second-greatest Hyborian Kingdom. The capital is Belverus. Numalia is the second-greatest City in Nemedia. Hanumar is another major city.

    Nemedia is both a major military power and a a major player in the trading of the Hyborean era. But it is better none as the heart of the Hyborian culture. It is a homeland for prominent priests of Mitra (monotheists), famous philosophers and many historians. The Nemedian Chronicles are the major sources for the history of their era. Nemedia is only overshadowed by Aquilonia, its major rival. They have fought each other for centuries with few lasting results.

    Nemedia is landlocked. To the west lies Aquilonia. To the south are Ophir and Corinthia. To the east is Brythunia, a frequent target for Nemedia's expansionistic efforts. To the north is the so-called Border Kingdom. Which serves as a buffer state between Nemedia and Cimmeria.


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