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This comic book was one of the first Italian publication that dealt with American superheroes. Yes it is Superman, but they've renamed him 'Nembo Kid', 'nembo' is Italian for the cloud they call nimbus. The 'S' on his chest has been painstakingly removed in every issue and from the covers. First his breastplate is made red and in later issues it's yellow. Instead of naming everything 'super' the Italians have dubbed everything into 'ultra' to describe his powers. In the sixties Mondadori had Italian creators devise new stories to fill the weekly title. Under pressure from the moral guardians 'Garanzia Morale' (see their logo on some of the later comics) the writers cut back on the fantasy aspects of the comic. Their vision of Superman is weaker, he hardly flies at all and is often seen jogging to the rescue. The issues are small in size, some people complained the letters could hardly be read.

The first 527 issues bore the name Nembo Kid after which it was renamed Superman Nembo Kid which continued the numbering of this volume.

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