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    Neji is a prodigy of Naruto's Hyūga clan. He is also a Jōnin level Ninja and considered a genius by many. He gave his life to save Naruto Uzumaki and his cousin Hinata Hyūga from Obito Uchiha and the Ten-Tails during the Fourth Shinobi War.

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    Neji Hyuga was created by Masashi Kishimoto, The author and illustrator of Naruto. Neji belongs to the Hyuga Clan which belonged in the Village Hidden in the Leaves (Konoha). He is the cousin of Hinata Hyuga.



    Neji is from the second branch family of the Hyūga clan.They are not a part of the main branch and are thus considered lesser. He has struggled to prove that destiny is meaningless and to surpass the main house. Neji is an inheritor of the Byakugan, a Hyūga blood-line technique. This provides him with a near 360-degree field of vision, telescopic vision, and the ability to see chakra. Although the Byakugan gives him a near 360-degree field he can see very far with it and he also has a blind spot in the lower part of his neck.

    Due to the punishments his father received as well as his father's influence, Neji also came to resent the main branch. But this would change when Neji hears that his father voluntarily sacrificed himself for his twin brother who's a part of the main branch. He believed that his father Hizashi was forced to sacrifice himself for his brother.

    He was formerly part of a three-man cell with fellow ninja and kunoichi Rock Lee and TenTen and was taught by Might Guy.


    Outside of his initial feelings towards his clan, Neji has been shown to be extremely serious and mature for his age, and to have great self-control. In battle, he is able to stay relatively calm in most situations and carefully look at the situation at hand. As stated by Tsunade, Neji has excellent instincts, both on the battlefield and as a leader. When forced to make difficult decisions on missions, he shows himself able to make a decision through keen observation and analysis.

    With this example of overcoming "destiny", as well as finding out the truth about his father's death soon afterwards, Neji abandoned the concept of inescapable fate. No longer bound by the idea that he was stuck at his current status, Neji resolved to become strong enough to never again lose a battle. To do so, he began putting more emphasis on working well with his team, and started to value a mission's successful completion and his team-mates' safety over his own betterment, even encouraging Rock Lee to continue pursuing his own dream. In addition, Neji began trying to remedy the estranged relations between himself and the main house members, most particularly by being kinder to his cousin Hinata Hyuga. His efforts seem to be effective, as he begins training with Hiashi, and, in Part II, even starts to wear traditional Hyūga robes.


    Neji has noticeably long dark brown hair, typical of males in the Hyūga clan. In Part I, his hair reached the middle of his back and was tied back a few inches above the end, while two straps attached to a smaller headband underneath his ninja forehead protector frame the sides of his face. In Part II, he got rid of these straps, and allowed his hair, which is now longer, to frame his face instead. Like the rest of his clan, he has very fair skin and possesses the renowned Byakugan, which when activated, stimulates the veins and arteries immediately around his eyes to protrude more prominently. His eyes have a gray tint to them.

    Neji during the Chūnin Exams.
    Neji during the Chūnin Exams.

    In Part I, Neji was seen with a black headband that he wore snugly over his forehead. He wore a khaki shirt and dark brown shorts. He also had bandages wrapped around his right arm, chest, and right leg. In Part II, Neji abandoned the bandages and is clad in traditional white and black Hyūga robes. This may or may not have been to facilitate easier execution of his techniques, or to symbolize his warming relations with his clan. Neji is usually seen with a large tan and black drawstring bag, which he carries over his shoulder. Neji was also seen wearing a dull blue shirt with a mesh t-shirt under it.

    Before his fight with Naruto during the Chūnin exams in Part I, Neji's facial expression was stern, hard, and cold. As the series progressed, however, his expression relaxes. He is seen smiling and chuckling at times. While still composed, Neji looks to be more calm, confident, and mature, rather than challenging and haughty.

    Chunin Exam Arc

    In the preliminary matches, Neji was paired up against Hinata. After exchanging blows, Hinata seemed to defeat Neji, only for Neji to reveal that he had plugged up Hinata's chakra points, rendering her Gentle Fist useless. He also hit a chakra point close to one of Hinata's vitals moments beforehand, putting Hinata in a critical condition. However, Hinata refused to back down, insisting that Neji, not she, was fighting against what could not be changed. Neji was about to administer a killing blow when most of the Jōnin in attendance stepped in to save Hinata. Neji was pitted against Naruto Uzumaki in the first rounds of the finals. Although Neji soon gained the advantage in the fight and cut off Naruto's chakra flow, Naruto was determined to fight against Neji, and prove that fate was not predetermined. Naruto didn't give up and defeated Neji with an uppercut after harnessing the power of the nine tailed fox inside of him.

    Sasuke Retrieval Arc

    Neji was recruited as part of the-five person team to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha from the Sound Ninja Four. Neji was chosen to be the rear lookout in the single file line Shikamaru Nara organized. When during the course of the mission the team was captured by Kidōmaru's webbing, Neji was able to free them, and sent them after the remaining members of the Sound Four while he himself fought the Sound Ninja. Kidōmaru was able to analyze Neji's defenses and found the blind spot in the Byakugan, proving to be a dangerous enemy. Neji realized that Kidōmaru was far more powerful than he was, but was determined to never give up, as he wanted to show those who considered him a genius that their faith in him was correct and to prove that he no longer surrendered to fate. Neji was severely wounded when Kidōmaru managed to fire an arrow through his chest. However, he was able to keep it from hitting his heart by moving at the last moment and deflecting it with his chakra. He then was able to push his chakra through the webbing and injure Kidōmaru. Once he was stunned, Neji finished him off with a flurry of Gentle Fist style attacks. He then passed out from his own injuries and was rushed back to the village when help arrived.

    Kazekage Retrieval Arc

    In Part 2, Tsunade sends Team Guy to help support Team Kakashi during the rescue of Gaara, who was now Kazekage of Sunagakure, and had been captured by the criminal organization the Akatsuki. On the way there, Team Guy is attacked by Akatsuki member Kisame Hoshigaki, who managed to trap Lee, Neji and Tenten with a Water Prison jutsu using Water clones, leaving the real Kisame to battle Guy. During that fight Guy opened the first six chakra gates to defeat Kisame. Lee and Tenten were saved by Neji who broke free from the Water Prison and saved the others.

    Neji and his team arrived outside the Akatsuki headquarters a few moments before Team Kakashi, despite setting off a few days later. The squads find out that there is a barrier, and seals located in different locations that needed to be removed before they were allowed to enter. When the seals were removed, Team Guy had to battle a clone of themselves due to the trap laid out by the Akatsuki. Lee figured out that the clones did not tire, but lacked emotion and could not improve themselves. Neji and his team soon defeated the clones armed with this knowledge, and went back to help Team Kakashi, only to find Gaara dead. Lee and a group of others later witnessed Chiyo sacrifice her life to revive Gaara with a forbidden jutsu. Neji and his team returned to their village with Team Kakashi afterwards.

    Fourth Great Shinobi War

    Neji participates in the Fourth Great Shinobi War, alongside Hinata, under Kitsuchi's Second Company. He and the rest of the company were dispatched to the location where the White Zetsu army was mobilizing, and after Kurotsuchi and Kitsuchi together unearthed the White Zetsu army division that was travelling beneath them, Neji and his team mates began to engage them in combat. He and Hinata fight together exceptionally well, with combo techniques. After taking down a lot of them, he nearly gets caught in a surprise attack by one of them, who he then blows off by using the body blow technique of the Gentle Fist. There were too many Zetsu and it was turning into attrition warfare, so Neji was getting tired from the constant appearance of enemies. In spite of this, he shrugged off any medical attention and just chose to rest on Akamaru's back.

    On the second day, the fighting went on. He was confronted by a reanimated Kidōmaru, though he was a lot stronger since the last time they fought. First, he releases his team mates trapped by his webbing, then proceeds to easily defeat him. But this activates a seal that leaves him and the other members of the Sasuke Recovery Team (Kiba, Shikamaru, and Chōji) comatose and takes their souls away from their bodies. They are then forced to fight the reanimated Sound Four until the eventual death of their actual bodies. Shino tries his best to keep them alive while they find a way to free themselves from the barrier.

    Within the barrier, the four shinobi are confronted by Kidōmaru, Tayuya, Sakon & Ukon, and Jirōbō, who are seeking revenge against them for their deaths. They seem to be gaining the upper hand at first, but realize that since they are reanimations, they won't be going down so easily. As time passes, their situation grows ever worse, until Shikamaru provokes them in order to get Naruto to sense their evil intentions and find the barrier.

    Once Naruto finds the barrier, he begins to hammer away at it until it cracks, allowing Inoichi to rescue the four of them from the barrier and restore their souls back to their original bodies.

    Now that Neji is back on the battlefield, he returns to battling the White Zetsu Army battallion until Naruto's Shadow Clone comes to finish off the remaining enemies.

    After their battle is over, Neji and the rest of the Second Company are sent off to assist Naruto, B, Kakashi, and Guy in their battle against Madara, Obito, and a revived Ten-Tails. Once there, he, along with Hinata and his uncle, help protect Naruto from the attacks directed at him by the Ten-Tails, as a result of how crucial he is to the victory of the alliance in the war.

    However, the attacks of the Ten-Tails prove to be too numerous, forcing Neji and Hiashi to move to protect the other shinobi in range of fire. Meanwhile, the Ten-Tails fires many wood projectile volleys at Naruto. Hinata tries to sacrifice herself to save Naruto, but Neji steps in to take the blow by himself, leaving him severely injured.

    Naruto tries calling for a medic, but Neji resigns to his apparent death, and tells Naruto that his life is linked to many others, including Hinata's. When asked by Naruto why he would make such a sacrifice for him, Neji responded that it's because he called him a "genius" once. He then dies, finally knowing what it's like to willingly die for his friends, as his father once did. Upon his death, the Curse seal Jutsu of the Hyūga main family activates, sealing away his Byakugan.

    After the war, his body is taken back to the Leaf Village, where he is given a proper burial.

    Power and Abilities


    - The Hyūga family's kekkei genkai that makes their eyes seem the way they do. This technique allows for them to see the many chakra points in a person's body and pinpoint them to make their jutsu useless, and they can make themselves stronger, too.

    Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms

    - This technique allows Neji to move at a high speed and hit any sixty four chakra points of his opponent. This was even used on Naruto, when he fought him. He has total mastery over this taijutsu move.

    Eight Trigrams One-Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms

    - This is a technique that is much like the Sixty-Four Palms technique. Though this allows Neji to move even faster than the Sixty Four Palms technique allows him to move. Now he can hit 128 of his opponent's chakra points.

    Eight Trigrams: Heavenly Palm Spin

    - This technique is strong enough to deflect almost any attack that is used against him. That attack then sends the attack flying off with twice the power and intensity that it had.

    Eight Trigrams: Great Heavenly Palm Spin

    - This is just a stronger and bigger version of the Heavenly Spin Technique.

    Eight Trigrams: Three-Hundred Sixty-One Palms

    - This technique allows Neji to hit all 361 chakra points of his opponent. This is one of the most dangerous techniques in the Hyūga Clan. This technique can result in instantaneous death or Cardiovascular Collapse.

    Eight Trigrams: Empty Palm

    - This is a more focused version of the Great Palm Spin, just expelled out of his hand.This technique rivals wind gust techniques that Temari uses.

    Eight Trigrams: True Palm

    - This is an extremely powerful move in which he expels chakra out of his hand and can cause massive damage. This is a Mid to Long-range technique.

    Eight Trigrams: Eight Gates Bombardment

    - This technique allows Neji to close off the Eight Gates of Chakra. This technique is said to be an A-ranked Taijutsu, and is the most powerful and dangerous technique in the Hyūga Clan.

    Eight Trigrams: Mountain Crusher

    - This technique is just the Empty or True Palm used at Point Blank Range.


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