Location » Neighborville appears in 36 issues.

    Home of Crazy Dave in the Plants vs. Zombies universe.

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    Neighborville is the home of Crazy Dave, his niece Patrice, and her friend Nate.

    The evil Dr. Zomboss often tries to take over Neighborville with his army of zombies. Dave, Nate, and Patrice use their plant friends to repeatedly defeat Zomboss's plans.

    Neighborville is a classic nice, small town of 25,609 people. The sign at the entrance to the town reads, "Welcome to the bucolic streets of Neighborville! The city known for peace, friendly citizens, and quiet enjoyment." But, as a zombie notes by holding a hand-written sign up nearby, "also, the okasional zombie invazion!!"

    Neighborville has an annual Jogging of the Bulls festival.

    There is a large network of caverns below Neighborville. In one of Zomboss's plots, he decides to attack the city of Neighborville itself (instead of just its people), by lowering it into the caverns with a hydraulic elevator. However, the kids, with their pals Twister and the Boom Boom Mushroom, stop him, and Neighborville stays where it is.

    Zomboss’s most successful invasion of Neighborville is during Garden Warfare, where he takes over almost the entire town--partly because almost the entire population has left on an ice cream cruise.

    During Garden Warfare, the maps that show the extent of Zomboss’s conquered territory also note the presence of a very tough local dog, Mr. Pigg, who at times controls many blocks of the city, in defiance of both plants and zombies.


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