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    Neifi was a member of the same group of young Inhumans as Tonaja, Nahrees, Woz, Dinu, Kalikya, and Telv (although Telv would be held back and would not graduate with the other six). Together the group would learn about Inhuman history and culture before Terrigenesis--an Inhuman rite of passage which unlocks a child's hidden, genetic potential. Nefi was paired with Tonaja for their studies. On the night before exposure to the Terrigen Mists, Kalikya, Tonaja, and Woz would spy on the cell of Maximus the mad. Scared of the madness they witnessed, the three left the air duct that they were hiding in. Neifi, Dinu, and Nahrees would play a trick on Lockjaw by ambushing him while he was sleeping and flicking his antenna causing him to teleport them.

    The day of Terrigenesis can be a proud day for both child and family, as it is the first time they would be seen in their true form. When exposed to the Terrigen Mists Neifi grew several times in size and muscle mass. His body took a more reptilian appearance with thick grey skin and ridges growing from his head and trailing down his spine.


    The process of Terrigenesis has granted Neifi large size and large muscle mass. He possesses thick grey skin and roughly reptilian features. Because of these physical characteristics, Neifi presumably possesses superhuman strength and durability. Because of limited exposure in the Inhumans comics it has not been demonstrated whether Neifi has any additional powers or abilities.


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