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Powers & Abilities

Chinese Kung Fu

Negi has mastered Chinese kung fu, taught by Fei Ku. He is often integrating his magical attacks into his physical attacks as he claims ranged attacks are more likely to miss. His martial arts is on level, if not greater than his kung fu master.

Magic Ability

Negi has great magic ability with an incredibly high amount of mana. He can casually fire off one thousand and one 'Sagitta Magica' (basic mage offensive spell) simautaneously, giving it the same amount of firepower as a large scale anti-army mine. He is capable of fighting while channelling magic to himself as well as all his contracted allies. He also mastered advanced magic techniques such as silent incantations and delayed spells. Negi does not fight like a traditional mage from the backlines, but instead fights in the frontline melee.

Wind Affinity

Evangeline notes that Negi has an affinity for wind magics, giving him natural passives such as enhanced speeds. His sneezes carry enough power to strip the audience of an entire stadium. Negi has also been shown to favor using wind, light and lightning magics.

Magia Erebea

After overcoming Magia Erebea's corruption, Negi ascended from humanity and is considered an entity on par with a High Daylight Walker vampire. Even with no equipped magic or barriers, he can take a full punch from the Averruncus of Earth, who excels in physical strength, to the face without even flinching. His ascended form allows him to be considered immortal. Magia Erebea's true function though is to absorb and equip spells. Negi is even capable of absorbing spells from enemies. Spells equipped allow Negi to inherit their properties, basically becoming the spell. The level of the spell absorbed seems to affect the strength absorbed. Negi usually equips his "Κιλιαπή Άστραπή" spell, allowing him to become lightning.


Negi is known to be incredibly smart, graduating magic school at the age of ~10 at the top of his class, coming out very overqualified it terms of number of spells learnt. He has repeatedly used advanced tactics to overcome superior enemies. He has also repeatedly created deadly original spells at the age of 10. He also perfect Magia Erebea, something that Evangeline, the creator, gave up on. When he equips 'Κιλιαπή Άστραπή' via Magia Erebea, he also thinks at the speed of lightning.

Pactio Contracts

Negi has established a magic contract with numerous allies, granting them all unique artifacts, and assisting in his ability to channel magic to them. Negi's own Pactio artifact allows him to utilize any of his follower's Pactios as if they were his own. These include a magic cancelling sword, healing fans, a mind-reading book, an all-knowing encyclopedia/databank, and much more.


Negi is possessed by the Mage of the Beginning, the creator of the magic world, as Negi slayed the creator's former body. The Resonance forces Negi to feel the pain of every living being, breaking his mind to allow the Mage of the Beginnning to take over. If Negi is slain, the Resonance is passed on to his killer. Negi has managed to remain somewhat sane despite this.


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