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Negal, who was also called Nergal, was the God of Death and is depicted as a chaotic deity whose seat of power resided in Cuthah. He is often presented as half man half lion, known by all as the “raging king,” or “furious one.” He represented the sun of noon-time that brings darkness and chaos, thereby associating him with war, famine and pestilence. He also presided over the netherworld, where he governed the dead souls of the afterlife. Negal was also part of the Gods of Mesopotamia who are a race of super-humanly powerful beings with humanoid traits and were once worshiped by several of the races and cultures from circa 19,000 BC. Negal was stated to live for his violent urges and accepted no surrender or mercy while in battle. Negal also depicts the negative aspects of the sun and is associated with disease, demons, and the constant pull on humanity of evil forces. Always leaves a trail of destruction, disease, plague, and wasteland wherever he goes unless it’s the Underworld. Negal was feared by the Mesopotamian who practiced his worship as ruler of the afterlife. He was also actively worshiped outside Cuthah. Negal was identified with Mars and he was associated with a lion, bull, and rooster. Sometimes depicted with a mace or a scimitar and can be seen wearing a lion’s mane.

Known Relatives: Anu (father), Mami (mother), Nusku, Nergal, Gibil (brothers)

Zarpandit, Ningal (sisters); Enlil, Hadad, Ninurta, Martu (half-brothers); Marduk (cousin);

Nanna, Shamash (nephews); Anunit, Aya, Damu (nieces)

Ningal referred to Ludi as his “demon-brother”, but this is more likely a term of allegiance than relation.

History in Comics

Essential Story-lines

DC Comics

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Nergal is depicted as the nemesis of the Justice League of America and appears in JLA Gatekeeper Volume 1. Each of the DC Comics Annual's for the year 2000 introduced a newly created international super-hero as part of their "Planet DC" theme. This issue introduces the Tunisian character Sala Nisaba who was also in the DC Comics published series the JLA: Gatekeeper in February of 2002. Both story and art were done by Timothy Truman.

In the series Nergal comes to clashes with the JLA after they are brought to his dimension to over though his dominion by the rivaling goddess Milissu. Nergal then releases his mother Tiamat's demons to attack the JLA, but Green Lantern destroys them. Milissu arrives and stops Nergal and she appears with Nergal's twin brothers and Samana. She explains that it has been her plans that brought everyone to this moment. She goes on to say that because of her immortality she is tired of the pain so she enlisted the aid of Samana and Nergal's brothers to bring peace and order to Kurnugi.

Milissu then tries to convince Nergal to join her forces and rule by her side. Nergal's sister tries to stop her but Milissu smacks her, sending her flying. Milissu kisses Nergal and he cries out in pain when she bites him. The bite draws blood, which Milissu needed to use to complete a spell which than causes Nergal to deteriorate. He disparately attempts to run to his mother and sister for help but that only causes them also to be destroyed by the powerful spell. The JLA than return with the assistance of Dr.Fate by way of a mystical gateway back to Earth wishing Milissu luck in bringing peace in her land.

Vertigo Comics

Nergal is still also used as a Babylonian god-turned-demon and one of John Constantine's most dangerous and persistent enemies, second only to The First of the Fallen. His first appearance was in the series in Hellblazer #6 - Extreme Prejudice released in 1988.

More Fun Comics

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A demon named 'Black Nergal' appeared in More Fun Comics issue 67 in 1941 as an enemy of the occult superhero Doctor Fate. The formerly mentioned Negal and Black Nergal are both owned by DC Comics however it is unclear whether they are one in the same as the Nergal who has stalked Constantine.


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