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The Nega-Bands appear as plain, flat gold bracelets which seem to glow slightly with internal power.


Original Pair

Created by the Supreme Intelligence, the Nega Bands are based off of the “Power-Bands of Rinn” also known as the Quantum Bands that are possessed by Quasar. The Nega-Bands are powered by the energies of the The Negative Zone as well as the wielder's own psionic energies. The first known pair were awarded for meritorious service to the Kree empire to Captain Marvel. They were bestowed onto the being that was to be the ultimate Kree warrior, Captain Marvel. This pair of Nega-Bands were buried with Mar-Vell after he passed away from cancer, but were stolen and then destroyed by Shi'ar scientists to create the Nega-Bomb which decimated the Kree Empire.

New Pairs

Later a new pair of bands were created for Mar-Vell’s son Genis-Vell and then another pair were seen upon Genis’ sister, Phyla’s wrists. Genis’ Nega-Bands were absorbed into his body prior to his death at the hands of Baron Helmut Zemo. The last known pair of Nega-Bands (worn by Phyla) seem to have merged with the Quantum-Bands when they “chose” her over Annihilus. It is not known how this will alter the Quantum-Bands if at all.


Recently, Noh-Varr was given a pair of Nega- Bands that appear much different than the original Nega-Bands. Their power, so far, show the ability of flight, teleporting and the projection and manipulation of various energies; while other functions include create creating a phy. performance enhancing kree battle armor. Computer & mechanized functions of tracking, scanning & homing arrays along with holographic projection capability, technopathic interfaceing/control and the generation of mechanical apparatuses with which to construct other advanced Kree cybernetics systems with.

Alternate Realities

In an alternate future Genis’ son Ely tried to destroy the universe, he had killed Phyla and taken her Nega-Bands.


These golden bands act as a gateway into the dimension known as the Negative Zone. They use energies of the Negative Zone and the wielder's own mental energies. Wielders are capable of interstellar flight. Becomes resistant to many attacks and the vacuum of space as well as no longer requiring food, water, air or sleep, the bands however are incapable of distinguishing water from a proper atmosphere, therefore a wielder of the Nega-Bands could still drown despite being protected from the vacuum of space. Wielders are also granted super-human strength and a heighten awareness, known as Cosmic Awareness. The bands have considerable ability to manipulate, absorb and project various types of energy, except mystic energies, but to a lesser extent than that of the Quantum Bands.


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