Character » Needlenose appears in 67 issues.

    A Decepticon Targetmaster who joined the Mayhem Attack Squad.

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    Needlenose was once a renowned microchip designer on Cybertron. His 'Chic Chip' was all the rage but the fad began to wane and was completely dead when Optimus Prime and his followers pointed out how pointless and frivolous the Chic Chip was. Angered by their comments he joined the Decepticon cause when war broke out.
    He is binary bonded to the Nebulons, Sunbeam and Zigzag who can form together to create a powerful weapon.

    Marvel comics

    Needlenose was recuited to the reformed Mayhem Attack Squad for the purpose of hunting down the Decepticon traitors, Carnivac and Catilla. He only made it into the Squad when Spinister covered up the fact that he fled from Autobot training dummies during a training excercise. A crime in the Decepticon ranks, punishable by death.
    The Mayhem Attack Squad tracked down and surrounded Carnivac on Earth. Catilla came to his friends rescue but was impaled through the chest by Bludgeons sword and died. Carnivac swore revenge on Needlenose and the rest of the Squad. A short time later after several missions on Cybertron the Mayhem Attack Squad renewed their search for Carnivac on Earth and set up an easily defendable base on a desert island. Needlenose was the first to be dispatched. With Carnivac's love of hunting in darkness, Needlenose knew he was doomed when the lights suddenly flickered off.

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