Ned Flanders

    Character » Ned Flanders appears in 333 issues.

    A God-loving, God-fearing, God-obsessed neighbor with endless patience, especially for his next door neighbor and frenemy Homer Simpson.

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    Ned does his best to be a good Christian....actually he does better than anyone else. He is devoted to his church-diddly-urch, Jesus, and his family.

    Ned's wife is actually dead, so he is raising his two sons, Rod and Todd, as a single dad. He shelters them from anything ungodly (including sugar and all but one TV channel). Speaking of that, he has quite a bomb shelter in his backyard.

    Ned is the Simpsons' neighbor. He has lent Homer COUNTLESS things over the years, all of which Homer has either, kept, sold, or ruined. But in true "turn the other cheek" fashion, Ned continues to trust and love his neighbor.

    Flanders has had quite a few escapades, perhaps the most notable of which is opening The Leftorium in Springfield Mall, a store specializing in goods for southpaws. It was a failure at first (mainly due to Homer), but it eventually succeeded.

    While he adds "doodlies" and "diddlies" to most of his vernacular, Ned's most famous catchphrase is probably "Hi-didly ho, neighborino!"

    Ned (as stated before) is obsessed in doing everything he can in his Church and just his Religion in general. Most of this is portrayed in a humorous way I.E. going through everything on TV and recording then watching it over and over again to decide what was naughty and nice on TV today.

    However, Ned has shown he can fight when needed (but he does his best to stay away from fights), like when he tried to recover his house from a 2 meters tall man, who tried to punch Ned, however he simply grabbed his hand and nearly broke his arm (Homer of course, hit the man with a chair right after, claiming "I just saw the chance and used it, that's what the heroes do."


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