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    Zombie aliens on the USG Ishimura

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    Types of Necromorph



    Infectors look like a headless bat with human body parts.The Infectors are carriers of the disease and use proboscis to inject fluid ,stored in the Infector's bladder, to infect potential hosts. The Infectors prefer corpses to be their hosts and will only attack or defend itself when it cannot find any hosts to infect. In the game Infectors produce Slashers and Twitchers 


    Slashers are the most common Necromorph. They have two bladed arms coming from their shoulders and a pair of grabbing arms coming from their torso. They attack by using their arms to slash prey (hints the name slashers) but when in close range they use their grabbing arms pull their prey in  and bite into the neck.


     are the st rongest and most durable of the Necromorphs they are made up of hosts that have been fussed together into one being. They have a very hard exoskeleton that is their main defense.


       Lurkers are Necromorphs that have taken over the bodies of Infants. They have 3 spiked tentacles that come out of their backs they can use them to attack at close range or they can use the spikes on their backs as projectiles to attack from a distance.Lurkers also can stick to walls using their feet.


     Divers are tall Necromorphs, their arms and legs become independent when separated from the main body.


     Exploders are slow Necromorphs with a vertically split face that's legs are twisted together and have large pustule on their left arm that they use to blow themselves up and cause serious harm to anything around them.

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