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    Abigail Van Alstine is a young woman who is thrust into the world of the supernatural.

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    Abigail van Alstine was once a popular girl at her school and a cheerleader. She lived in Colorado Springs and was the only daughter of the town Pastor and his church going wife of. After returning home late from a football game that the team won, Abby is scolded by her father for returning home late, drunk (she wasn't, she only had one beer) and he was worried the neighbors would think her a slut and think of of their family. He smacks Abby across the face after she talks back to him.

    The next day Abby asks some of her friends to come over her house for bible study. Abby tells her parents why her friends are there. They ask to join her but she tells them it would be wierd and she would get nervous. She tells her friends that she lied and she has a spellbook. Abby's natural magical abilities manifest as she reads the book and inadvertently summons a demon who proceeds to kill her parents and study group and sets the house ablaze. Abby escapes but the police have arrived and try to bring her in for questioning. Abby, still very emotional, accidentally kills the policemen and then loses consciousness. She awakens in a holding cell and is conversing with a girl she knows only to realize the girl died many years ago. Abby is abducted by a cult who want her to summon their leader, the Demon Mali.

    Before she can do this the ceremony is interrupted by Locke, an ancient sorcerer who prevents this from happening. He wisks Abby away to Los Angles and Abby begins learning magic from him. One month later Locke enrolls her in a local high school. The first day she is picked on by the popular girl and she is unable to cope due to all the residual trauma and grief that she is still dealing with. She meets Ana, a punk girl who knows of the craft. Some time later a boy that Abby just met, Curtis, commits suicide after being tempted by Berzelius, the demon of suicide. He is found by Janice, his best friend, Abby and Gabriel.

    Later Abigail and Janice make plans to sleep at Janice's house as her parents are away until the following day. Janice claims she is ok to be left alone but Abby assures her that she too does not wish to be alone. When Abigail arrives the door is open and she hears a muffled cry. Upon venturing into the house she witnesses Berzelius dragging Janice to the basement (actually his realm). Berzelius wants Janice and Abby to kill themselves but not before Abigail releases Mali. Ana and Gabriel arrive to help Abby vanquish the demon and Janice, not being in touch with "the way" thinks she just fell through the stairs. 

    In the aftermath Janice has found closure with Curtis' death after the funeral and she and Abigail remain good friends. Abby officially becomes friends with Gabriel and Ana and Locke takes her as his apprentice. Abbey then watches the sunset and thanks her parents for the magic they bestowed upon her with their love.    


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