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    The sorcerer supreme of Earth-148 (Ee'rath), Necrom defeated the heroes of his planet and enslaved them as zombies. Necrom also taught Feron and Merlyn, Roma's father, in the ways of magic.

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    Necrom was the Sorcerer Supreme of his race in Earth-148, his two pupils Feron and Merlyn, made a great discovery together a form of energy fields that acted as doorways between worlds. Necrom theorized that all worlds existed as a reflection of each other and that this composed the Multiverse. He also further discovered that each time a parallel world was aligned with each other, they created an extremely powerful energy matrix. He became interested in the matrix wanting it all to himself. His idea was to merge all available realities and become a god in the chaos. But he never bothered to tell this to his students (Meryln and Feron) when they traveled to Earth Prime (616), they discovered a tower that functioned as a doorway to all other worlds, how this tower came to be is never explained. Now putting his plain motion Necrom needed to replicate the tower in all parallel realities, but they weren’t strong enough. In that instant Feron revealed that during a session of deep meditation he had come in contact with powerful force that encompassed the universe. The force was without awareness, however when Feron’s mind reached out to it, it became aware of its own existence, this power was the Phoenix force.

    Feron then drew the Phoenix force to the Earth-616, and his imagination give it a shape, the classic firebird, as he became the first host of the Phoenix force. In the moment that all the parallel worlds were aligned, he conducted the Phoenix force to duplicate the tower all throughout the Multiverse, now all the worlds were connected. However Necrom revealed his plot then and there and tried to take the Phoenix force away from Feron, unskillful with the it energies. While the other two fought, Merlyn jumped into the Energy Matrix and he was swept across the Multiverse and when he finally was able to control the energies of the matrix, he created the Otherworld. From here he would monitor the universe and prepare for Necrom's return.

    Necrom succeeded in stealing a portion of the Phoenix force. Enraged the Phoenix force fled Earth. Then Necrom bonded the portion of the Phoenix force he had stolen with a portion of his life essence, he then placed it inside a corpse at two hundred meters below the surface, where it slowly matured into the Anti-Phoenix force. Necrom escaped into the Multiverse, where he conquered an alternative Earth and made himself the tyrant of that world.

    Feron spent the rest of his life waiting for the Anti-Phoenix to resurface, but it never did during his life-time and stead made a lineage of Ferons who would inherit the Phoenix Force upon Necrom's return. During this time, he became the arch-nemesis of the hero Kylun, who ultimately chased Necrom back to Earth-616.

    Meanwhile the Phoenix force was now alone and in agony, it believe that Feron betrayed it by giving it awareness, and it wanted to return to the time it was unaware of itself but it couldn’t and therefore returned to Earth, this would lead it to Jean Grey.

    When Necrom returned to Earth-616, he re-absorbed the Anti-Phoenix that he left to mature, and when he came back he faced Excalibur, until Rachel Summers saw that only she could battle him. Necrom taunted her by saying that once he had her power he could crush all diverge realities, killing everyone, and existing as supreme being. Necrom began to absorbed the Phoenix force energies once more but this time Rachel allowed him to purposely drain most of it's power which was too much for Necrom and his atoms spread across the universe.


    Necron was created by Alan Davis and first appeared in Excalibur # 45.

    Powers & Abilities

    Necrom was the Sorcerer Supreme, using a variety of spells; energy blasts and shields, summoning demonic creatures, powerful multi-sensory illusions, clairvoyance, animated large rock creatures and zombies (his favorite). As energy vampire, he drains the life energies of other to add to his own, leaving them as mummified corpse.

    As the host of the Anti-Phoenix he gained the following abilities; flight, telekinesis, manipulating cosmic energies, rearranging molecules structures, survive the rigors of space, travel interplanetary distances, control energy reactions within stars, increased durability, stretching his arms several yards and telekinetically move masses as large as moons and planets. His powers grew as he absorbed more of the Phoenix force.


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