Character » Necrodamus appears in 32 issues.

    A sorcerer that entraps the souls of innocents in order to restore the youth and strength of his body.

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    Necrodamus would come into conflict with the Defenders when he places Namor's body in a mystic barrier and plan to sacrifice his body for the Nameless Ones. Dr. Strange and the Hulk enter the cavern of the Nameless One and see Namor laying on a sacrificial altar. Astral powers in the sky begin to align and Necrodamus is reborn with a taller and more powerful physique. The Hulk engages Necrodamus in physical combat as Dr. Strange frees Namor from his mystic prison. The Hulk is stabbed by the mystical dagger and reverts back to Bruce Banner. Necrodamus attacks Namor and must kill him when all the astral stars align. Necrodamus is about to perform the killing blow when Banner suddenly grabs his arm. Necrodamus is delayed by mere seconds and the astral stars are no longer aligned. Necrodamus reverts back to his older body and is force to flee.


    Necrodamus was created by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema in 1972 and first appeared in The Defenders # 1. 

    Mayor Story Arcs

    He was once thwarted by the Scarlet Witch, when he was attempting to steal her soul along with that of Agatha Harkness. When the Scarlet Witch destroyed his "graven box," the sorcerer was caught up in a whirlwind of souls.  

    Powers & Abilities

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    This sorcerer has found that he can increase the strength of his body by sacrificing the souls of innocents. When his body is at full strength, he is able to rival even the strength of the Hulk. He has served various masters (for example: the Undying Ones), acquiring more strength and skill along the way.

    His magic abilities are quite strong, especially when the stars aligned just right. His mystic storm can not be stopped by Thor's power ( The Avengers 128).


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