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Nebulon in a member of an alien race UL’lula’ns. The people of this race were water breathing, non humanoids, they had six tentacles, finned and they apparently used up all their planets resources. To fix this situation the high tribunal of Ul’lula’n they dispatched some of their people to locate a suitable planet with appropriate minerals to save their race. Nebulon posing vast biosphere tapping power was able to take other forms. He then changed to a glistening golden humanoid form which neared star systems with humanoid populations. He wasn't very good at prospecting though.

He eventually stumbled unto Hyperion of the sinister squad imprisoned in a glass sphere made by Thor floating in space. Nebulon rescued him and told him about his mission. With Hyperion eager for vengeance against the people of earth e offered to let Nebulon have earth. Hyperion although wasn’t aware of Nebulons true form. When they got to earth Hyperion had Nebulon reorganize Hyperion’s one time comrades. Nebulons wish was to take over the world and put it under water. The squadron sinister after hearing this pulled together and built laser cannon capable of melting earth ice caps. Their was one member how ever who wasn't wiling to help out and took this opportunity to call for help it was Nighthawk. He then contacted the Defenders and told them about the situation. The defenders then went to North Pole getting into a battle with the squadron sinister. Nebulon during this battle expanded too much energy showing his true form a sight that even dismayed his allies. Nighthawk took this time of confusion to take the laser cannon power and shot it at Nebulon and in his weakened state he seemly imploding him taking three members of the squadron sinister. In actuality Nebulon had dispatched himself to the aquatic extra dimensional world called Zaar. The place had been inhabited by some race of philosophers called Ludberities.

The Ludberities then explain to Nebulon their philosophy and some unknown reason Nebulon took it to the heart. He abandoned his current mission and undertook a new one. This time it was saving the being of earth from innate foibles. He then returned to earth in a new form a less imposing human guise. He then started a movement called the celestial mind control. Its purpose was to liberate the powers of a human mind in reality though it robed the people participating of their free will. Eventually it spread around the world and the avengers became aware of it. The decided they had to thwart Nebulons and tried to as well. Nebulon was forced to put some of the defenders in a whole other dimension while his movement went world wide. Their was a group called Headman who were a group of renegade scientists with their own scheme to gain world wide political power. Eventually Nebulon and headman had found them selves working at cross purposes. Eventually after a few months the defender found a way to expose the headman’s political machinations and convince Nebulon it was a hopeless task to try and force humanity to better its self. Eventually the tribunal of Ul’lula learned of Nebulons interference with Earth’s culture and him abandoning his mission he had been convicted to death.

But before he was taken captive he fled to Earths Ocean and took the form of Dorma the deceased wife of Namor the submariner. Convincing the Atlanteans that Dorma had survived he used her popularity to gain control and tell them to launch and attack on London. The defenders eventually got involved since Namor was also a part of them and later on an Ul’lula starcraft appeared and captured Nebulon. It then striped him of half his power. The tribunal’s hen suggest to Nebulon he commit suicide to being the only honorable alternative for disgrace in his culture but Nebulon only turned it down. Later on Nebulon's wife Supernalia found out about his dishonor and went to earth to force him to take this honorable action. In the meantime though Nebulon inveigled his way into ranks of the Avengers but in reality he really wanted to siphon the power which he had lost. On Supernalias end to battle her husband and his new powerful allies she decided to join his foes the defenders. Eventually leading to the two groups being manipulated into fighting. By the times Nebulons motives were found out the hero’s energies were being drained. Supernalia then thought to her self that what she had been doing was a violation to her people ethics and decided that she must commit suicide. Nebulon then found out and while trying to stop her fell victim to the same energy draining ray killing his wife and right before he died he said this was the most honorable way to go.


Nebulon was created by Len Wein and Sal Buscema for use in Marvel comics. The characters first appearance is in Defenders #13 which was released in May of 1974.


Nebulons strength is known unknown at the moment it was never demonstrated. In his humanoid form he drew upon the biospheic energy of planets. He could manipulate the energy to many effect such as making spheres, shields, or energy bolts. He could also shot a concussive blast it was capable of staggering hulk. He also had the ability to teleport across the surface of planets or between dimensions. Nebulon also was able to shape change to any form although the transformation process was so strenuous nebulon did not do it often. His power were derived from the energy’s of a world so it stopped him from interstellar teleportation and if left away from a world long enough his powers would drop to that of and ordinary human. Also the Ul’lula weren’t as adept to shape shifting as skrulls nor could they change as fast as skrulls or make as a close facsimile of another being. Lastly nebulon was apparently more gifted at this ability then the average Ul’lula.


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