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The boy who would become Neal Richmond was in fact the son of Nighthawk's enemy The Huckster. After Huckster died, Nighthawk discovered he had left behind an orphaned son whom he felt responsible for and adopted to raise as his own. Growing up, Neal was taught many of Nighthawk's special skills and after Foxfire killed Nighthawk, Neal decided to honor his adoptive father by becoming the new Nighthawk.


Neal Richmond was created by Len Kaminski and Anthony Williams and first appeared in Squadron Supreme: New World Order #1 in 1998.

Character Evolution

Neal was initially reluctant to join Squadron Supreme, blaming them for his father's death, but eventually was worn down and joined anyway. He has since appeared with the Squadron while encountering the reality-hopping Exiles during the World Tour story arc. He returned in Ultimate Power but, due to atypical Marvel continuity, referred to an experience of his father's as his own.

Powers and Abilities

Much like the original Nighthawk, Neal chiefly relies on his expert hand-to-hand combat skills. He also employs various gadgets and uses his wing-caped costume as a makeshift glider or parachute.


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