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  1. Captain Mayhem (Wish Kid starring Macaulay Culkin) - Spurred on by Frankie Duttweiller's teasings about Nick's dad's shoddy newspaper reporting, Nick makes a wish to become a superhero in order to land his dad that one big story to make his career. Nick effects a plan to get the family car stolen, but his wish expires and leaves him without superpowers. Nick and his friend Darryl attempt to capture the car thieves, but things don't look so good when the boys are discovered. The story continues in the Saturday morning cartoon.

  2. Super Duper Snag (Yo Yogi) - Atom Ant loses his helmet after an altercation with The Pest. Snagglepuss finds it and mistakes it for a ring. The helmet gives him superpowers, which he immediately exploits for wealth and fame. The Pest returns and makes quick work of Snagglepuss as he looks for Atom Ant. The helmet falls off Snagglepuss's finger and Atom Ant rushes to grab it, but the Pest corners him. The story continues in the Saturday morning cartoon.

  3. Brazil Nuts (ProStars) - The Pro Stars are contacted by Paco, a Brazilian boy who is concerned that parts of the Amazon Rainforest are sinking. Even worse, a famous band went missing in one of the sinkings. The Pro Stars head to Brazil and get caught up in several traps. They get free and find out that an invisible bad guy is trying to take over the forest. The story continues in the Saturday morning cartoon.

  4. Diamonds Are Fur-ever (Spacecats) - Famous and expensive jewels are being stolen from museums by the notorious Rhymin' Simon. The Spacecats set a trap to catch the crook, but their own hijinks get them distracted. Sure enough, their plan is foiled. The story continues in the Saturday morning cartoon.

  5. Cheer Up (Saved by the Bell) - Zack asks Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie if they'll be trying out for the cheer squad. The ladies are far too feminist for such a thought. But then Jason Hickey - the captain of the football team - walks by and the girls are more than anxious to get tryouts started.


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