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Nazz is one of the oldest and more mature kids the Cul de Sac. She is often seen hanging around Kevin and the other kids in the neighborhood yet rarely plays any large part in anything. Nazz is kind and gentle to the other kids, and even accepting of the Ed's, however she can become incredibly angry and violent towards them if her looks are ever damaged or she isn't receiving any attention.


Nazz has a blonde bowl cut styled hairdo that she cares deeply about, often becoming angry if it becomes messed up. Nazz also has misshapen eyes, the one on the right is much larger than left.

Nazz wears a black T-shirt underneath a white tank top. She also wears very baggy jeans and black shoes.

In the Big Picture Show movie event Nazz has suffered from a scam gone wrong and most of her hair has been buzzed off.


Nazz has been portrayed in two very different ways since her origin. During the first half of her appearances she appeared to be one of the most mature and intelligent kids in the Cul de Sac, she even was Eddy's babysitter at one point in time. Nazz received generally good grades in school as seen from her report card in one of the episodes, though English was her worst subject.

Nazz is very protective of anyone in the Cul de Sac who suffers from insults or disrespect, this was shown when she yelled at all of the other boys for picking on Jimmy. Nazz also gets angry with Kevin if he pushes his rivalry with Eddy too far, often resulting in Kevin becoming embarrassed.

In the later episodes of the show Nazz becomes more of a dumb blonde stereotype character, a much different version compared to her first incarnation. She is very oblivious, though still retains her kind and gentle nature.

Nazz is seen to be a trendy type, often talking about fashion or what the newest fad is. Nazz is also a cheerleader, so it is possible that she is one of the popular girls in school.

Nazz also plays two instruments, the tuba ( very poorly ) and the violin. Nazz is able to yodel at such volumes that she can break glass.

Nazz is the love interest of several characters in the show, in fact every male character besides Jimmy and Rolf seem to have a crush on her. Throughout the history of the show she has kissed two different characters, Edd and Eddy. Out of the Ed's she appears to like Edd the most, as he was the first person that she kissed. Edd also was able to dance with Nazz at the school dance.

Nazz suffers from fits of rage if nobody gives her any attention or her appearance becomes messed up. She has been shown karate chopping Edd and often attacks the Ed's if their scams cause any harm to her. Nazz also goes insane if she receives TOO much attention.

Nazz is one of the only characters in the show that hasn't broken the 4th Wall.


Nazz appears to have some sort of martial arts training as she has displayed several times against the Ed's.

Nazz is also able to break substances like glass with her yodel abilities.


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