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    A sentient aquatic species.

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    A humanoid species, with obvious aquatic aspects to their appearances. Such as the large tentacles or tendrils coming from the back of their heads which in many instances looked as if they represented their 'hair'. However, these tendrils had a much more important role to Noutolan society, in that all fourteen of them were used to detect the emotional state of another sentient or non-sentient being, not just one of their own species and they were usually the most effective when a Nautolan was under water. In their society and culture, the ability to sense emotional pheromone changed within one another was an almost essential, if not extremely important, part of communication.

    Also due to their amphibious nature, the possess many physical traits which give them abilities to be able to cope within the waters of a water-based world. These traits include, low light vision, large eyes with eyelids that were very rarely used, smooth and on occasion slippery skin and the ability to breath underwater. However, like many other amphibious and aquatic races, they experienced no difficulties to adapt to breathing outside of aquatic life.

    Jedi/Sith Nautolan

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    Dossa - Formerly a smuggler who became a Sith Minion.

    Kit Fisto - A Jedi Master and member a of The Jedi High Council.

    Eison Gynt - A Jedi Knight.

    Knox - A Jedi Padawan.

    Nat Lariats - A Jedi Padawan.

    Zinn Toa - A Jedi Youngling.


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