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Said to be one of the first recruits of the Green Lantern Corps, Naut Ke Loi came from the aquatic planet of Aeros in Sector 12 and required a special helmet to survive in non-aquatic environments. He became one of the, or perhaps the, longest serving members of the Green Lantern Corps and a celebrated hero in the Book of Oa.


Created by Gil Kane in 1961, Naut Ke Loi was among the earliest alien Green Lantern creations.

Major Story Arcs

Crisis on Infinite Earths

For further details: Crisis on Infinite Earths
Still an enduring member of the Green Lantern Corps, Naut Ke Loi was among the many Green Lanterns active duty during the Anti-Monitor's attack on the multiverse.

Powers and Abilities

Wielding a power ring, Naut Ke Loi is protected by an automatic aura and capable of interstellar flight. His enegry constructs often reflect his aquatic nature, being very water-based.

Naut Ke Loi is physically very strong due to his dense muscle mass. The fins on his head are razor sharp, and his scales secrete a substance that is toxic to many other alien species.

Green Lantern Record

Status: Active
Space Sector: 12
Sector Partner: Unknown
Homeworld: Aeros
Predecessor: Presumably inapplicable
Successor: Inapplicable

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