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Nautika was part of the Stormwatch team when Kussein realized that he had lost the war and decided to lay waste to Kuwait. He and the rest of the team (Batttalion, Flashpoint, Sunburst and Nautika) stopped the soldiers from blowing up an oil field. In a surprise attack by Deathtrap and his associates Flashpoint, Nautika and Sunburst where attacked and thought to be killed but they were taken back to Gamorra Island as hostages. She was later saved by Stormwatch after Battalion probed a Gamorran’s mind and found out they were still alive. She is married to her teammate Sunburst.


-Underwater Breathing:

Nautika's lungs can extract the oxygen from water as well as air, allow her to breathe underwater for prolonged periods of time

-Bio-electric shock:

Special muscles under her skin allow Nautika to deliver power electric shocks upon contact or fire bursts of electricity over a distance


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