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Natromo is the Keeper of the Indigo Light. He along with Abin Sur created the first Indigo Tribe and rings. While Abin journeyed the stars, Natromo stayed on his planet Nok to forge Indigo rings to place on the worst killers and sadists he could find in the universe. He and Abin Sur formed the Indigo Tribe in order to fight in the Blackest Night and later against the Guardians when they become corrupted. However, when he hears that Abin is dead, he destroys the Indigo Power Battery.

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Hal Jordan convinces him that even though Abin Sur is no longer alive, Hal will continue his course and use the Indigos to fight the Guardians if that is what is necessary. Natromo is able to reforge the Power Battery and return the control over the murderous members of the tribe.

Powers & Abilities

Natromo is the keeper of the Indigo Light, but not a true member of the Indigo Tribe. Natromo does not wield a Indigo Power Ring or Staff and the light of compassion has no hold over him.

Natromo was seen to be able to create a central power battery for the Indigo Tribe by himself, requiring only the emotion of compassion of another.


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