Character » Native appears in 43 issues.

    She's a mutant with regenerative healing, six retractable bone claws and animal senses (just like Wolverine but without the adamantium).

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    Very little is known about the past of the woman only known as Native. She was held prisoner and used as test subject by the Weapon X program. The scientists working there gave her the codename of "Feral". When Wolverine escaped from the organization so did the Native. Wolverine and the Native spent some time together in a cabin on the hills of British Columbia, where they became lovers for some time.

    It's unclear why Wolverine left the Native. Trying to survive, the Native's presence was rediscovered years later by an offshoot of the Weapon X program. Sabretooth was brought in to track and retrieve her. Sabretooth tracked her down, only for her to outfight him and flee. Sabretooth then manipulated Wolverine into finding her, after which she shared a romantic interlude with him. Wolverine and the Native were tracked by soldiers from the Weapon X offshoot who immobilized him and captured the Native, whom they brought to The Workshop facility in Montana.

    While in captivity, the Native was operated on by Doctor Vapor, who removed genetic material from her to be sold to other parties and discovered that the Native’s accelerated physiology had resulted in a pregnancy from her liaison with Wolverine. Wolverine killed Vapor and left with the Native, however the pair were watched by Sabretooth who promised to finish what he started. Tracking the couple, Sabretooth defeated Wolverine and subsequently killed the Native. Logan wakes up and tracks Native once again to find her dead corpse. It had a note written in her blood from Victor Creed saying: I did you a favor runt - you can thank me later to which he is reduced to tears. He needs a priest for her so he meets his friend Nightcrawler at a bar. He carries Native in and Kurt reads her last rites.


    The Native was created by Greg Rucka and Darick Robertson in 2004 and first appeared in Wolverine # 13.

    Several years later Weapon X hired Sabretooth to retrieve the Native but he couldn't do it so he persuaded Wolverine into finding her. Wolverine found her and they shared a very romantic moment where the Native became pregnant. Some soldiers from Weapon X attacked Wolverine and caught the Native but Wolverine tracked them down and rescued her. Some hours after the rescue Sabretooth killed the Native.

    Due to some evidence it's possible that the Native and Wolverine had escaped together from the Weapon X facility (after adamantium was laced to Wolverine's bones) and they could have lived together but all of this could just be memory implants because Wolverine has no recall of this happening.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Native has a healing factor that allows her to heal and regenerate any damage inflicted upon her body with remarkable speed, superhumanly acute senses such as sight, smell, taste, etc., superhuman strength and she has 3 retractable bone claws on each hand.


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