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    The National Force is a hi-tech neo-fascist organization and militia initially masterminded by Dr. Faustus. The group has far-right political leanings and a strict white-only membership. The group practices racial genocide and has often used forms of hypnotism and drugs to recruit new members.

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    Dr. Faustus had recently gained custody of the fourth Captain America and his partner Bucky, heroes from the 1950s who had been kept in suspended animation. Faustus took control of the mind of the replacement Captain in an attempt to use him against Steve Rogers, the original Captain America. The 50s Captain America returned as The Grand Director, the leader of "the National Force".

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    While working as a S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison with the NYPD, Sharon Carter investigated and infiltrated the National Force. During one of the National Force's battles with street criminals in Harlem, the National Guard was sent in to put an end to it. Under the effects of a mind-altering gas, however, Sharon apparently activated a self-destruct device in her National Force uniform and apparently committed suicide. Rogers was shown the event on videotape.

    After being defeated in battle by the original Captain America and Daredevil the Grand Director seemingly committed suicide after realising what he had done.


    The National Force was created by Roger McKenzie and Sal Buscema and first appeared in March 1, 1979 in Marvel Comics issue of Captain America #231 - Aftermath!

    Team Evolution

    The National Force continued on, largely underground, without a prominent leader to help spread their hate and beliefs. The nazi war criminal Red Skull attempted to establish a group on the West Coast with help from Ameridroid and a new Nomad. Although their first priority was discrediting Captain America, and the Nomad appeared to oppose the group.

    A member of the group began taking matters into his own hands and killing any immigrants crossing the border into America, which led to the Avengers and the Commission on Superhuman Activities sending US Agent to attempt to stop the serial killer. The killer was eventually shot dead by the police in a stand-off that took place after he had massacred an entire sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

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    Not long after, the group again attempted to establish it's self in New York, but when the Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson printed stories condemning the group, the National Force responded by taking the building and everyone in it hostage and demanding they print support for the group and their views. The Punisher and Spider-Man arrived and interfered with their plans, resulting in many of the New York chapter's central members being killed or arrested. The group regularly came to the attention of Silver Sable, and her Wild Pack, as many of the Nazi criminals she hunted had ties to the group. Moon Knight also encountered wayward members of the group attempting to mug a couple in Central Park.

    Behind the scenes, Dr. Faustus had conditioned Every-Man to become a costumed hero called Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist went undercover and allied himself with Germany's superhero Schutz Heiliggruppe. Zeitgeist assisted the team in arresting Red Skull and his Skeleton Crew as Dr. Faustus saw them as potential threats in his rise to power.

    Dr. Faustus next sought to find the National Force a strong idealistic leader; this time a brainwashed Jack Monroe, the former partner of the 50s Captain America, along with an army of mercenaries. The real Captain America again interfered and helped his friend break free of Faustus' conditioning. Jack later tracked down an imprisoned Faustus and shot him in cold blood for the incident which brought memories back to Jack involving his Nazi-sympathetic parents.

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    In a National Force camp in Iowa, the remaining members of the now leaderless group bred what they dubbed the Super-Aryan. A person they believed to represent racial superiority and they intended him to be the only person allowed to reproduce in a "new world order". The Super-Aryan raped and killed a woman who was undercover in the National Force compound on behalf of Giscard Epurer. This compound was later assaulted and the Super-Aryan killed by Jack Monroe.

    Elsewhere, Zeitgeist began killing various South America super-beings such as Captain Forsa and Machete in the name of the National Force. Zeitgeist was eventually caught by Captain America and Vormund, the leader of Schutz Heliggruppe, after having killed teammate Blizkrieger and the WWII hero Angel. Zeitgeist was killed after being discovered for his actions by Vormund.

    Batroc later confronted Captain America at Avengers Mansion, worried that he was a target of the National Force.

    After Steve Rogers' death, the National Force re-surfaced again, this time being led by a new Hate Monger who wore a costume inspired by Captain America. The group was responsible for televised mass murder and genocide on Mexican immigrants which led to the Punisher infiltrating the group and killing it's leader and the majority of it's members.

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    Not long after Sharon Carter finds that Faustus and the Red Skull have been keeping the 1950s Captain America in suspended animation so that he would heal from his fire wounds. It is revealed that Faustus was conditioning the 1950s Cap to kill the current Captain America, James Barnes, who was the murderer of "his" Bucky, Jack Monroe as part of a larger plan. The plan was revealed to help the conservative Senator Wright gain public sympathy as part of bid for the US Presidency under the ultimate control of the original Red Skull. The 1950s Captain America later allied himself with the Watchdogs.

    Recently, it was seen by Captain America that there are still an underground chapter of the National Force active in New York, now seemingly spearheaded by the current Master Man.


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