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Nathaniel was a Ghost Dancer. A succession of mystic sorcerers who protect and serve as a gatekeeper to the Secret Worlds. Nathaniel Owl had tasked his grandson James Owl before his birth with becoming a Ghost Dancer one day when he was of age. He also had a companion and guardian known as Lori. Even after his death, Nathaniel Great Owl manages to aid and assist his grandson with the use of his powers and keeping him safe.    


Nathaniel Great Owl, the former Ghost Dancer is a Marvel comics character created by Simon Jowett and Charlie Adlard. He first appears in Dances With Demons #1 released in 1993.  

Powers and Abilities

A former Ghost Dancer, Nathaniel Great Owl possesses many of the abilities of prior Ghost Dancers. He is the gate keeper to the Secret Worlds, worlds of spirits. This important and sacred role grants him powerful mystic abilities, the extent of which has not be revealed, but which so far includes energy projection blasts, teleportation and opening mystical portals. Succeeding Ghost Dancer's accumulate power, each Ghost Dancer being more powerful than his predecessor. As such Nathaniel is the most powerful Ghost Dancer thus far, with the exception of his grand son James. 

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